LiveViewGPS for Android allows mobile car tracking

GPS tracking company LiveViewGPS launched a new Android application to allow its users who own LiveTrac series GPS trackers to track their devices in real time while on the go.

Tracking of vehicles is the most-used scenario, but LiveTrac can be used with other important assets like watches or laptops, and even people (children, teens and elderly relatives).

The new application works with all LiveTrac series GPS systems, including LiveTrac PT-10 GPS Tracker, LiveTrac PT-10, Professional GPS Tracker, LiveTrac RTV5 Vehicle Tracker and LiveTrac RTV10 Nav Tracker.

Standard features of the LiveViewGPS web-based software are included and so is the real-time fleet tracking. Moreover, there’s the ability to track multiple GPS systems, so for instance, employers to play Big Brother and monitor all company vehicles, including the speed and route of each vehicle, when employees arrive at a jobsite or delivery location, what time employees start and end their driving shifts, how long they took for lunch, or how long they were stopped at a particular location.

Individual users on their end will be able to view their equipment’s exact location as well as see their vehicle’s speed and direction of travel, which is touted as a “great feature for parents of teen drivers.”

  • cool just wondering how can i track my watch tho

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