AT&T and Apple working on iPhone mobile hotspot

The Verizon iPhone is causing quite a stir, and AT&T is apparently scrambling to mitigate damage. Many of us are burned and jaded after years of inadequate service from AT&T, so the carrier has nothing left but to push its very few strengths – such as simultaneous voice calling and data usage – and add a few additional features.

There was a rumor yesterday that the iPhone 4 for AT&T would be getting a mobile hotspot feature to compete with the Verizon model. Today it looks like that may be true as a new rumor suggests that AT&T and Apple are working together to enable this feature on the GSM version of the smartphone.

AT&T spokesperson Seth Bloom told AppleInsider:

An AT&T spokesman stopped short of confirming to AppleInsider when Personal Hotspot is coming to AT&T customers. But the comment does provide more confirmation that AT&T intends to support the Wi-Fi tethering feature, which will allow users to wirelessly share their 3G data connection with other devices.

“All I can say at this time is that we’re working with Apple,” AT&T spokesman Seth Bloom said.

Just how well it’ll work out remains to be seen if it happens. As we all know, AT&T’s network has been thrashed by its iPhone users, and adding the option to allow multiple people to connect via one device might make things worse. Then again, with the flock of users heading over to Verizon’s network, perhaps it might free up some of that congestion on the carrier’s network. If it pans out as assumed, the Verizon iPhone might be the best thing to have happened to iPhone users on either network.

For those who are already spurned and burned by the original Apple smartphone carrier, there really is no looking back and nothing is going to keep them from heading to Verizon.

[Via: AppleInsider]

  • BEC

    and don’t forget it’s international capability (which many of us utilize in our travels). I’ll stick with AT&T….

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