Nokia bubbles gives you quick app switching

Nokia Bubbles offers quick app switching
Nokia Bubbles offers quick app switching

Nokia is hurting in the smartphone department but that doesn’t mean that it is still not trying to innovate. Today, we’re seeing the Nokia Bubbles application out of its labs and this enables users to quickly switch between apps in a visually-pleasing way.

According to the company’s labs blog, when you phone is in sleep mode you can hit the apps key to bring up Nokia Bubbles. This brings up programs in a bubble user interface that you can interact with.

The Nokia Bubbles will let you control:

Unlock the phone
View new messages
View/Respond to missed calls
Control the music player
Control the FM radio
Change profile (profile timing also supported)
Call/Message your three best friends
Activate the backlight to use as a flashlight
Show your current location using Ovi Maps
Change the background of the Bubbles screen
Display when battery needs charging
Display statistics about bubble speed and distance (just for fun)

It’s an interesting concept and if you have an N8, you should download it and let us know what you think.

  • Gotta say that this one is really neat. Installed it an hour ago and its really good. takes you immediately to unread SMS, missed calls, makes light etc. Although the N8 is only a backup device right now, this app really makes it a lot of fun

  • Harboe_Jacob

    Looks nice. Hope someone borrows the idea for Android. 😉

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