Palm Pre 2 Landing on Verizon February 17?

You hardcore webOS fans who have been holding out for the Palm Pre 2 in the U.S. since the fall won’t have to wait much longer; a leaked equipment guide is featuring the Verizon version and listing an all-channel launch date of February 17.

The Palm Pre 2 updates the Plus with a faster 1 GHz processor, sharper 5 megapixel camera, a scratch-resistant glass face, and a fresh version of webOS that lets you stack apps for easier multitasking. Universal search has also been upgraded to Just Type, which lets you launch into actions like starting e-mails, as well as searches for local and web content by simply typing from the home screen.

With tidal wave of Android phones coming due to launch at MWC, and Palm’s own upcoming tablet announcement, it seems likely that Verizon and HP have missed the window where the Pre 2 would have actually garnered some interest. It’s good that Palm will still have a reasonably fresh device on U.S. shelves, but at this point it would feel like little more than a placeholder.

In any case, I enjoyed the phone despite the meager app selection, and if you’re thinking of getting one regardless of how late it is to the U.S. market, take a look at my review of the Rogers Palm Pre 2.

[via Engadget]

Update: Hey, looks like it’ll be going for $100 on contract. Hard to argue with the price, at least.

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