Samsung Launches TV Remote Control App for Android

Samsung just released an Android app that connects with their Wi-Fi-enabled TVs (much like their iPhone version), and lets you handle all of your usual remote control needs, like channel changing, volume control (with mute), changing the connection source, and navigating menus from your phone. Probably the most helpful feature is a QWERTY keyboard so you can use your phone to input text as needed, instead of hunting and pecking with the directional pad. Currently-supported sets are any LCD, plasma, or LED TVs in the C6500 series and up.

I actually just got a Samsung TV for Christmas, and as my first set with DLNA, I’m pretty blown away by all of the new options. Samsung is smart to leverage their other home electronics on mobile, but they certainly aren’t alone in that strategy. Windows phone plays particularly nice with Xbox and Zune, and Sony Ericsson will be working closely with the PlayStation brand. Samsung’s biggest direct competition in this area is LG, but aside from a Bluetooth-enabled TV two years ago, I haven’t seen much from them that matches this degree of phone-TV connectivity.

If Samsung really wanted a leg-up, they’d make this remote control app clever enough to tell what you’re watching, and let you check in to GetGlue with it. Wishful thinking aside, you can find the Samsung TV Remote in the Android Market. There’s a Galaxy Tab-optimized version available too.

  • J Harvey1701

    When is this out, I am running froyo on an original droid…the link in the article is broken, it is absent from the Market…?

  • Paulthep1rate

    Samsung = uber fail!!!! They require you have a SAMSUNG ANDROID PHONE in order to run this app. Call and complain

  • Suvirdaur

    pls give me all tv remote apps for samsung android mobile.

  • Cfqwercwecqecr

    bring this for blackberry

  • Test

    For Android 4 still missing…

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