GroundLink now allows New Yorkers to find car service from their iPhone

Folks living or visiting the New York Tri-State area can now book a car service via GroundLink from the comfort of their iPhone. No longer will you have to call a car service or black car company and wonder if your car is actually on its way. Thanks to the GroundLink app, you can order cars for immediate pickup or future reservations and track vehicle as it makes its way to your location in order to pick it up.

You simply download the app, which then finds your location using the built-in GPS receiver. GroundLink then presents you with a map showing the closest available cars. After confirming, the car is dispatched and appears on a map so it can be easily tracked as it heads to the pickup location. You can either put in your drop-off location or simply tell the driver where you want to go after pickup.

Finally, the application allows you to see the final price of the ride when you book rather than having to wait to be surprised when you finally reach your destination.

GroundLink currently works with a number of different companies in New York, including LimoRes and Velocity, and is looking to partner with other operators to expand the service.

In related news, we recently reported that Kayak’s iPhone app is now offering GroundLink-enabled ground transportation.

GroundLink (FREE) [iTunes link]

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