Quirky: The printer that prints SMS text messages

The last time I purchased a printer was during my last year of High School. It was the cheapest enterprise grade HP LaserJet I could find, and that thing spit out pages for years without needing any replacement toner. I loved that thing, but it’s 2011 now and printing just seems a tad ridiculous. We’ve all got at least 2 screens in our homes, the laptop and the smartphone, and wealthier individuals even have a television and Apple iPad, so why are we still chopping down dead trees and buying ink that’s worth more per milliliter than human blood? Logic aside, as the technology industry has evolved, so too have printers. They now have touch screens, can read memory cards, can connect to your WiFi network, and some even print straight from your mobile phone via Bluetooth, but what about texting? Imagine if you could send out a text message and then have it appear right in front of your on a small sheet of paper. That’s what one English did with a device aptly called the “SMS Printer“.

It’s a 385 gram gizmo that has support for quadband GSM, takes standard 58 mm x 50 m x 12 mm thermal paper that you can pick up from any standard office supply store, and it even includes a cigarette light adapter should you want to put this thing inside a car. What are the use cases? Restaurants can take orders straight from their customers, cab companies can get requests from customers looking to get picked up, you can even install it in your grandparents house so you can send them a message every once in a while since they can’t be bothered to learn how to use a mobile phone or have such terrible arthritis that they can’t be bothered.

What do you think? We love this thing and want one despite the fact that we know we’d get bored of it in a week. Price? £175.

[Via: Textually]

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