Verizon iPhone is officially here! Who lined up for it? No one

After all these years of waiting, wanting and wishing, the Verizon iPhone is finally available in stores for the masses. Last week, the CDMA variant of the Apple smartphone went on sale for existing Verizon customers and it quickly sold out. The wireless carrier said that the event set the single day sales record, beating the Motorola Droid’s launching in November 2009. Now that it’s available for everyone else, are the hoards arriving?

You were more likely to hear crickets at Apple stores this morning over rabid fanboys. That’s not to say that it’s a sub-par device or that there is little demand for the Verizon iPhone. Those who really wanted the Verizon iPhone were probably existing customers who already ordered it last week and had it shipped over the weekend. Everyone else who desperately wanted the popular smartphone rushed to AT&T to get it last summer when it seemed like the carrier’s exclusivity would really be indefinite.

Another thing to consider is the fact that a new iPhone will likely be arriving this summer if Apple sticks to its regular refresh cycle. Who wants to buy a device that’s been on the market for eight months now with a new one just four months away?

We’re accustomed to seeing Apple stores surrounded by people during launch events like this, but this isn’t really unveiling anything new. It’s not like the initial iPhone 4 launch or the iPad launch where everyone had something new to look forward to. This is just a different version of what’s already out there.

If you picked up a Verizon iPhone, did you get to your local Apple store early? Was there anyone else in line with you if a line even existed? Let us know how it’s been going for you so far in the comments.

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  • people did the smartest thing they could do – order it online and get it delivered to your door
    that’s what i did when it came out last summer – no waiting in endless lines, no waking up early, everything is better lol

  • Anonymous

    Don’t want one, my Droid Incredible is so much better!

  • Themuff40

    Hahahahahha that’s what you get for releasing an 8 month old phone that isnt LTE. I hope Apple learns something from this stupid mistake. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure this isnt a lesson for Apple to learn from….pretty sure you meant Verizon.

      • GT

        No Apple. Verizon can’t make Apple add LTE into a phone that already exists. The LTE radio is bulky and probably wouldn’t fit into the existing frame. Apple just wanted to try to increase their market share by introducing a CDMA phone. Verizon wanted to capitalize on AT&T’s poor network in certain markets.

        Actually, shame on both. If I bought the VZW iPhone now, I probably couldn’t upgrade to the iPhone 5 this year because I might have used my full upgrade. tisk, tisk

  • Mthscesarfranco

    My Droid x does more than an iPhone. Stupid apple

  • Thabighief81

    no all the stupid verizon custumers already got their iphones. smart at&t, sprint & t-mobile will just wait 5 months and get the new Iphone coming out. Stupid Verizon for wanting a phone thats been out 8 months already.

  • Fanboy

    Droid Incredible better than iPhone? Thanks for the laugh, andork

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