LG Optimus 3D ad shows the benefits of the third dimension, through Yoga

LG has been releasing video ads for their upcoming Optimus 3D Android phone for some time now. Today, yet another oen of those videos has found its way onto the internet, and this time around, it a bit of a different approach. The video shows the benefits of watching Yoga in 3D. Those of you who practice Yoga, please take yourself out of the one-legged king pigeon pose and follow along.

While I wouldn’t say this is the best ad to show off the Optimus 3D, it’s certainly effective enough. The ad basically shows a girl who just can’t get a good idea of the Yoga pose her TV is showing her, and proceeds to look at her Optimus 3D to see the pose come to life. This may appeal to many people, but it’s a pretty specific use case that isn’t going to sell everyone on the benefits of 3D. Luckily, LG has been coming out with quite a few of these ads, and we don’t imagine they’ll stop anytime soon.

The Optimus 3D is looking better and better every time we see it. A source of ours that got the chance to play with the device during a focus group said that the 3D display is somewhat gimmicky, but should get better when there are more 3D options available, such as applications and videos. They also told us that the hardware is rather solid, even if it looks a bit iPhone-ish.

If the world adopts 3D on a large-scale, glass-free technologies will likely be leading the adoption. We’re definitely excited to see this device for ourselves, and we’re still wishing that LG would have thrown such a display on their upcoming Optimus Pad.

So if you could make LG’s next video ad, what interesting use case would you want to show to the world?

[Via: AndroidGuys]

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