AT&T launching iPhone 3GS ad to advertise its $49 price tag

The iPhone 3GS is an aging beast, but still a very capable handset nonetheless. AT&T and Apple are both selling the device for $49 with a new contract, and have been for some time now, but it doesn’t seem like folks are aware or perhaps they’re just bombarded with iPhone 4 news and ads. AT&T has decided to launch a little ad campaign to let people know that the iPhone 3GS can be had for just half a Benjamin.

AT&T calls the iPhone 3GS the “phone that changed everything” and encourages viewers to “think about it.” Then, almost without pause, the phone is shown with its very affordable price of $49 right next to it.

Sure, the iPhone 3GS is already somewhat of a dinosaur to those of us who are used to keeping up with the latest and greatest in the smartphone space, but there are still those who are used to owning very cheap or free feature phones. Perhaps this is what those users need to make the leap into the modern day. Aside from the intimidating features that many smartphones have, price has always been a barrier to entry for lots of users who have considered purchasing a smartphone.

Of course, the price on the iPhone 4 may soon drop as well since there should be a new model coming this summer. Naturally, the 3GS price is now just a clearance, but still a good deal. If you really want to take your chances, though, I’d hold off for a few months and see where the current model’s price goes to make way for the iPhone 5.

See the ad below:

[Via: TiPB]

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