Sierra Wireless unveils two new 4G mobile hotspots

Sierra Wireless used the Mobile World Congress to introduce two new 4G mobile hotspots – the AirCard 753S and AirCard 754S, both of which can connect up to five WiFi enabled devices simultaneously to the internet. The former sings along Dual-Carrier HSPA+ whereas the latter with LTE networks. Both products are scheduled for commercial shipments in the second quarter of this year.

The AirCard 753S and AirCard 754S Mobile Hotspots are about the size of a deck of cards, lightweight, down-compatible and easy to setup and use, requiring no software to install. As a result, these should be easy to carry around with the ability to get online in less than one minute even in places where there’s no 4G signal around.

In addition, both products come with an integrated LCD display which provides information on WiFi access, battery life, network signal strength and the number of devices connected. Audible alerts are also there, as well as the web interface for monitoring the device status and accessing administrative and security settings.

Finally, Sierra Wireless will also offer few accessories for the AirCard 753S and AirCard 754S, including car chargers, silicone skins, extended batteries and cradles with integrated antennas for indoor use and desktop charging.

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