Motorola Xoom units hit Verizon stores ahead of debut

Looks like it’s going to be a good weekend, as we’re hearing that Verizon is beginning to receive Motorola Xoom units already. Initially only dummy units were spotted, but it looks like the real deal is hitting some stores to make way for its official debut next week.

The pictures show a Motorola Xoom dummy unit, but real units have apparently been spotted as well, according to Droid-Life. With the official launch less than a week away, we can’t say that we’re surprised. No matter how outrageously priced the Xoom will be, it’s still one sexy piece of hardware, and the world’s first Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet.

We honestly don’t know what to expect to see on launch day of the Xoom. While it’s gained quite a bit of fanfare in the past couple of months, many interested parties may want to wait and see what the reviews say before they drop close to a grand on a tablet. The price point of the Xoom is a sore spot, and while it may be superior to the iPad in a handful of ways in terms of specifications, we’re having a hard time believing there will be a huge line for this tablet come launch day.

Nonetheless, the Xoom will be available starting Thursday next week, and we can’t wait to see who will be showing up for this thing. Even though the Xoom is oozing with high-end specifications, the real story is about Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the tablet-optimized version of Google’s mobile operating system. We’ve seen 3.0 ported to a couple of devices already, and once the full SDK and source code are out, and custom ROMs begin hitting existing, cheaper tablets, it’ll be interesting to see if that will change the minds of some would-be Xoom buyers.

I’m still very happy with my ViewSonic G-Tablet, which has a hefty amount of high-end specs (Tegra 2, front-facing camera, large community behind development) under $400. It may not have the specs to match Motorola’s tablet, but it has enough of them for the price. Plus the G-Tablet is currently the only tablet that’s officially supported by CyanogenMod.

Those who don’t want to hack their tablets may have to wait a bit longer, but rest assured, cheaper options will become available. That said, other than the price of the Xoom, it’s the king of Android tablets already, and may retain that lead for a good chunk of the future. However, if competing high-end Honeycomb tablets can significantly undercut the Xoom’s price, then Motorola’s tablet may not make it into as many hands as they would like.

Are you going to grab the Xoom come launch day, or will you be waiting for the reviews to hit first?

[Via: Droid-Life]

  • blueatlantic

    Definitely want one, but will wait at $800.

    • Wifi model is only $600. However, just like I wasn’t willing to own a wifi only iPad, the 4G connectivity is one of the main attractions to the tablet for me.

  • nope, I want a G-Slate.

  • The tablet is in line with current ipad pricing, especially considering how much more advanced the hardware is… how is it overpriced???

    • Mike

      I think the 32GB 3G iPad is extraordinarily overpriced as well. Despite it being overpriced, though, I’ve still been considering buying a Xoom. At around $600-$650 (or $500 for a Wi-Fi-only model), it would have been a no-brainer.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to get a Xoom and the ZooGue Xoom case

  • Og_poncho

    It is only $70 more than the competing iPad and the WiFi sound like $600, I dont see that being an outrageous price for this type of hardware.

  • Xchilango16x

    I wanted to get this baby on Thursday, but I will be spending about 1000 dollars with the activation, first month of data, case, plus tax…. so I’ll just wait for the wifi only version if it comes out before the Ipad 2, otherwise, I’ll be getting the ipad 2 so that i can use the autocad app

  • Freakshowfertig1

    Can’t wait… I will have one in my hands day one

  • Hsmsyed

    I was anxiously waiting for Motorola Xoom but due to high price won’t buy one. I will wait for IPad2 to come and than decide.

  • I’ll be getting mine on launch day. Been playing with Froyo on the nook color…the Xoom will be huge. It’s going to be the perfect companion for my Systems Admin job. Not only quickly being able to look up client data, but remote desktop/VNC. How long before we see WireShark ported to do network diagnostics?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be getting one as soon as I can! I know it’s expensive, and I don’t really think it’s worth $800, but I have been waiting to buy a tablet since the iPad was introduced. I know something comparable or better, maybe costing less, is “right around the corner” it nearly always is. But I have been waiting long enough and I’m tired of waiting and ready to buy. I have accumulated a lot of things I want to use a tablet for, I have the extra money to do it and it’s the best thing on the planet that’s available NOW (well, almost now anyway).
    It’s a hard bullet to bite, but I’m going to do it and not look back.

  • Anonymous

    You can pre-order at BEST BUY tomorrow…..waking up bright & early!!!

  • Pashaolu

    Hell yeah I’m getting one day one, enough said.

  • Medabot Pro

    I’m going to wait for a couple reviews. Before I purchase one.
    No one wants to be disappointed after spending $800 :P.

  • Buy a 64 GB 3G iPad with a case and a few accessories and you’ll spend more, but you will have no dual core CPU, no camera, no flash, no zoom, no front facing camera, no USB ports, no HDMI port, no dual core CPU, no 4G, no gyroscope, no barometer….

  • Ramka378

    BUY IT AT COSTCO! It’s gonna launch on Thursday for $789.99, they give you a mail in rebate for the annoying $35 activation fee AND you get a 90 day return policy and since there is no contract, you can literally return it in 90 days with no fees, no questions. Getting mine Thursday morning. *Excited face* XD

  • going to get it. even the price is high, it’s a good long term solution for development.

    • Anonymous

      Same here. I have an iPad, but I’m an Android dev (trying to move into tablet territory) and I’ll need of these to really get a feel for Honeycomb and what I’d want to see on it.

  • not-today

    I’m sticking with my Gtab

  • I think I’d like to stick with my iPad

    • Anonymouse

      Great, you like your iPad. Go take the circle jerk somewhere else. Your reply adds nothing to the conversation.

      • at least you got to stick your nose in it. Chill out, go out with ur friends if u have any. Life is beautiful, dont hate yourself. It’s alright 🙂

  • Thank you! Very interesting information!

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