Facebook Messenger/fone enables voice chat between Facebook buddies

Facebook Messenger is a new iOS app that makes it easy to stay in touch with your e-buddies. Touted as the “ultimate Voice Chat app,” it allows users to call their Facebook friends for free… and do few other things as well.

In addition to supporting standard chat and VoIP calls, Facebook Messenger also enables picture messaging, and comes with other handy features such as the ability to browse message history, view a friend’s wall (without leaving the app), use emoticons, receive instant replies with push notifications and setup sound notifications. Multi-tasking is also supported, so you can switch between the apps while waiting for reply to your message.

The way I see it, Facebook Messenger is a neat app for heavy Facebook users who want to include voice to their cyber-schmoozing activities. Facebook’s own iOS app works perfectly for me, and I can’t imagine installing similar app to get my daily dose of social network fix. What do you think?

UPDATE: The application is now called fone and it now also allows users to call their Facebook buddies.

Facebook Messenger/fone ($1.99) [iTunes link]
fone free (ad-supported) [iTunes link]

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