T-Mobile unveiling unlimited data plan with 4G mobile hotspot this year?

Unlimited data feels almost meaningless these days when we’re used to “unlimited” meaning 5GB or less. Beyond that, there are outrageous charges or carriers will throttle data use. T-Mobile may be unveiling an unlimited data plan this year that might be truly unlimited. Right now, the carrier throttles users who go over 5GB, difficult as it is to exceed, so this might mean the cap will be lifted or placed a little higher.

What no one else seems to notice or make mention of is that the leaked image detailing this plan happens to cover some details about mobile hotspots. On the upper left corner of the image, we see “T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot,” and in the details below that there is more mention of a hotspot. T-Mobile doesn’t have a mobile hotspot yet, but there have been FCC sightings in the past indicating an HSPA+ model coming some time this year.

It’s unclear whether this unlimited data plan option will apply to all mobile phones, too, but to be on the safe side we’ll assume for now that it’s only for 4G mobile hotspots. And of course, pricing will probably be comparable to its laptop sticks.

[Via: TMO News]

  • T-Mobile has a huge amount of spectrum, and HSPA+ most certainly can handle this.. I have no doubts it will be a minor success for them however.

    • $$$$$

      Actually they don’t. Out of all the carriers they have the least amount.

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