HOW-TO: Update your Samsung Epic 4G to Android 2.2 Froyo

Not in the first wave of folks to get the Android 2.2 OTA for your Samsung Epic 4G? Instead of having to wait, we’ll tell you how to manually update your device so you can get your Froyo on. It’s a fairly easy update, so don’t get discouraged if you’re not the phone hacking type.

1. Download the Android 2.2 Froyo update file here.

2. If the file isn’t named “” already, do so now. Make sure it’s not named

3. Put the file onto the root of your SD card (inside no folders)

4. Turn off your phone.

5. Hold down Power, Volume down, and the Camera button at the same time.

6. Using the Volume down key, go to the “Apply sdcard:” and press Home to update.

7. Reboot your phone.

Your Epic 4G has been successfully updated to Android 2.2 Froyo, so enjoy!

  • Correction that should be….hold the volume down key, Camera key and the power key…all at the same time to run the reboot…..2.2 is awesome!

  • Joey n reggie

    found a glitch in the gameloft game system after the update. downloaded a couple games and got error after. one game froze screen and had to reboot. the other came up with “Not real game” and forced stop. Not sure of what is wrong, but I wouldn’t spend any money on thier games just yet, as you may just be flushing money down the toilet. The games were Asphalt5 and let’s golf2.

  • Cddouglass

    How to update an Epic to Froyo (The correct directions)

    – Download the (click Software and look for the Mac OS 10.5 file)
    – Copy to the root of your SD card (not within in any folders) – follow steps 1-3 in this tutorial for help
    – Turn off your phone
    – Reboot into recovery by pressing the Camera, Volume Down, and Power buttons at the same time
    – Press Volume down to select “Apply” and then press the Home button
    – Allow the update to load (do not interrupt) then reboot the phone once complete

    • Jimbe

      Did not work here. No options appeared. Only a very tiny message to reboot.

  • Craig X Alexander

    My phone is stuck on “Checking for software update. Please wait.” How long does this usually take?

  • Rougemarshal

    didn’t work here either. Failed “apply patch check”. Status 7 – error in….not sure what to do next! Big waste of time going through the root and then backup for this result 🙁

  • KCKevin

    This worked perfectly fine. When you get a “Checking for updates” prompt, cancel and reboot the phone. My device seems to have survived the upgrade.

  • MHink

    If you manually upgraded your Epic I have a question. Did all of your apps, settings, photos, numbers and such carry over or did they need to be re-installed?


    • KCKevin

      I didn’t have any issues with my contacts, NoteEverything notes, call logs etc. I had to log into my email accounts and mark all the old stuff as read, but this process did not require me to reload everything from scratch. This was a pleasant surprise.

      One thing I did notice was the old Eclair OS had an alarm clock app, which was obsoleted by Froyo. The alarm clock icon on my desktop was replaced by a generic Droid icon, which I deleted. I had to open the clock app to reconfigure my alarms. This was a minor inconvenience.

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