ConnectSoft’s personal area networking platform Qwarq now supports Android

Qwarq wireless platform is now available for Android-based devices. The technology has been developed by ConnectSoft to make Personal Area Networking (PAN) easy.

Relying on Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth, Qwarq can seamlessly connect notebooks, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and other devices directly, without any type of network connection. For instance, Qwarq can be used to transfer files from one computer to the other without Internet connection, USB dongles and sans any cables involved. Moreover, users can chat with Qwarq, whether they have it installed on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. In addition, the technology also enables multi-user gaming, easy Internet connection sharing and so on.

Qwarq handles all of the complex wireless PAN connection issues including device and service discovery, security, identity and transport independent of the underlying radio, vendor, driver stack or protocol. Developers can tap it to add peer-to-peer capabilities to their existing or new applications without dealing with the complexities of wireless technology.

Still don’t get it? There’s a short video below, explaining how Qwarq works. Enjoy!

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