Apple iOS 4.3 almost ready for prime time

Apple iOS 4.3 gold master almost ready

It looks like Apple iPhone and iPad owners can look forward to an update of the software soon, as reports suggest that iOS 4.3 is ready for its gold master release and it should be widely available next week.

The report comes from spies who talked to BGR and these people said the finalized code is being called 8F190. The Apple iOS 4.3 software may finally unify the versions that are floating out there, as the Verizon iPhone currently has the ability to create a mobile hotspot while the AT&T version doesn’t.

We’ve also seen that the Apple iOS 4.3 betas had somewhat radical multitouch gestures which could lead to future Apple products not even needing buttons. The company has said this was just a test bed to gauge developer reaction and that these multitouch gestures will be stripped out before the final release.

We also expect the Apple iOS 4.3 to include the ability for third-party developers to take more advantage of the AirPlay. This lets you share content between Apple devices without wires – if it sounds like DLNA, that’s because it is, except that it is a standard that Apple is trying to push and we’re seeing some accessory makers starting to adopt it.

You have to wonder how much longer it will be before we start to see iOS 5.0, as Apple likes to keep a consistent schedule with its iPhone products and we’re about a year away from the 4.0 update. I sincerely hope that the 5.0 version will finally bring Apple devices a notification system that isn’t as intrusive as the one that currently passes for a notification system, although developers have told me that they do appreciate Apple taking care of the service issues with notifications.

Any of you dying to get iOS 4.3? What do you want in 5.0? Drop us a line in the comments.

[Via BGR

  • if i were apple and i want to stop unlocking on my phone i would just make a boggus 4.3 with the same baseband coding as 3.10.01 but different built number. Then once the dev team releases de unlock Apple would release 4.3.1 with the improved baseband.
    Apple no need to re invent the wheel just make bogus updates to track down the hackers.

    • I doubt they truly care as much about the hackers as they pretend to. They have to act like they are against it, so that the official carriers don’t get ticked. But a large chunk of the world doesn’t live with access to those carriers, and they still want EVERYONE buying their hardware. If the hardware has it’s warranty voided the day it comes out of the box, so much the better for them.

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