iPhone 5 Bezel is Super-Slim, Leaves Room for Edge-to-Edge Display

The supposed bezel for the iPhone 5, expected to drop this September, has been spied, featuring a negligible border on the left and right for a close to edge-to-edge display. It also looks like the next-gen iPhone will be keeping the front-facing video camera, though it’s tricky figuring that out sometimes since proximity and light sensors need gaps in the casing too. Although there’s nothing there for scale, the screen will reportedly be bigger than the iPhone 4, which wouldn’t be remiss given how many 4-inch-plus screens we’re seeing in the Android competition. One can only assume that even with the larger size, Apple will keep the Retina-quality display resolution.

Most of our attention these days is on the impending iPad 2, but we still have a lot to look forward to from Apple. The feature set for the iPhone 5 is still unclear, with rumours ranging from the crazy (pico projector and live TV) to the sensible (NFC and slide-out keyboard). Qualcomm is said to be working on the processor (possibly dual-core), but all-in-all, our picture of the iPhone 5 is pretty hazy right now. For the time being, stash this bezel business under the rumour category. What would you guys like to see in Apple’s next smartphone?

[via 9to5 Mac]

  • I would like to see Android in the next iPhone 🙂 haha, jk. I would actually love if they would change their notifications so it is not so intrusive to what you are currently doing. Also, I hope that they at least maintain the current battery life with the larger screen.

  • Kevin-chandra

    i would like apple to enter the 3D with no glasses phone market and beats the lg optimus 3D android phone :p

  • Dantrinidad92

    Screen bigger is a dumb idea people will hold the phone and since there is barely any margin towards the left and right people will touch the screen without even trying.

    • Zmod2z

      The margins would stay the same size, they would just be farther apart. The entire phone would be larger, not just the screen alone.

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