Infographic: The Google Helmet

The Google Helmet

The Google Helmet

A little something from the folks at the Googleplex this evening (well, not really!). If you’ve got Android on the brain (heck, even if you don’t), chances are you’re going to get a kick out of this one.

Slap on the Google helmet and you’ll not only look cool, but you’ll be instantly connected to an Android-capable microphone. Every conversation you have will be saved, stored and shared with the internet. That IS what everyone wants, right?

Enough pre-amble, take a gander at the whole infographic below and enjoy a good chuckle… And remember, just like Eric Schmidt said… The Google Helmet is ‘The best thing, since the last thing, Google invented!’

The Google Helmet

[Via: GetSatisfaction]

  • Thanks so much James for featuring one of our infographics!

    Andy Wibbels, Dir of Marketing at Get Satisfaction

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