Apple intros iOS 4.3 along with iPad 2

Apple release iOS 4.3

Apple release iOS 4.3 Along with the iPad 2 today, Apple also introduced the latest version of the software for the tablet, iPod touch and iPhone models. The iOS 4.3 software brings a host of new features and improvements.

We had already sussed out many of the features in iOS 4.3 when the developer beta hit but there are still a few surprises. In particular, this includes a nice boost in the mobile Safari experience thanks to the Nitro JavaScript engine. The company says that can double the performance of JavaScript execution using just-in-time compilation.

As we expected, the iOS 4.3 update will bring the personal hotspot feature to all iPhone 4 devices, not just the Verizon iPhone. Even if your device has the personal hotspot feature, you’re still beholden to the carriers allowing it and pricing it.

The iOS 4.3 software also brings a much-requested feature for iPad owners, as you can now use the side button to quickly mute the device or have it be the orientation lock button.

Apple also says that the latest version includes boosted AirPlay support. If you don’t know, AirPlay lets you share content between your iOS devices without having to use cables. This software update lets you stream content and videos from third-party apps now.

The iOS 4.3 software also includes the iTunes Home Sharing feature, so you can just hit a button to share your iTunes library on your computer with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

The iOS 4.3 software will be available on March 11 as a free update for the iPad, GSM iPhones and iPod Touch units. There’s no word on when the Verizon iPhone owners will be getting it.

These bumps in improvement are nice but we’re not too far away from a real X.0 bump. If we can use history as any indicator, we should be hearing about iOS 5.0 in the not-too-distant future.

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