Ask Around app brings location-based conversations to iPhone

Ask Around iPhone app gives you LBS is trying to jump into the location-based space with the iPhone app Ask Around. The Ask Around app is aimed at allowing mobile users to have conversations with those around them.

The Ask Around iPhone app will use location from a GPS, WiFi and cell phone triangulation to let you chat with people around you with the app. Once you open the app, you’ll be thrown into a chat room with others using the app within a set radius.

So, how is this different from the loads of location-based apps? The company said:

What Ask Around is not about is playing matchmaker or helping you meet new friends. It’s not about direct messaging, connecting, or following other users. At least not yet. Ask Around is about using location as a common denominator and allowing location-based Q&A to blossom into conversation – giving you a window into the real-time dialogue unfolding around you.

The Ask Around iPhone app should be hitting the App Store within a week or so, as it is expected to be one of the many location-based apps which are vying for attention at the SXSW show. The IntoMobile team will be there, so you can be sure we’ll give you the latest information.

So, we’re starting to see many of these group chatting, location-based apps and we’re still trying to figure out which one will be the best one to use at SXSW. Beluga seemed like a cool way to coordinate but now that Facebook has acquired it, we don’t know how rock-solid the standalone service will be.

Any suggestions for us? We’re both looking for group messaging services and location-based chatting ones like the Ask Around iPhone app. Let us know what you think in the comments and we’ll report back from SXSW.

Ask Around from askdotcom on Vimeo.

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