Note-taking service launches Catch Pro

Catch Notes, the note-taking service that wants to find its space in the increasingly competitive note-taking market, launched Catch Pro, the premium version of Catch Notes. $5 a month or $45 a year gets you 1GB of new content per month, voice notes sharing capability and support for file attachments.

If there were no for Evernote or Springpad I would say “go for it,” but since both services provide an awesome service — personally I prefer (recently updated) Evernote — I’m not sure what to say. For one thing I don’t see how differentiates itself from its fierce competitors. They recently raised some serious cash and I expected them to do something cool with it. The company may be doing interesting stuff as we speak, but thus far we haven’t heard anything impressive. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for too long to see them advancing their service.

Here’s a free tip for – launch a Symbian app and go for the millions of Nokia smartphone owners who for some reason are not on “Evernote’s watch list.” Make for Symbian as cool as Evernote for iPhone and voila… you’ll get tons of love. Just like that. 😉

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