T-Mobile G2 gets some HTC Sense Android 2.3 ROM love

Sporting the T-Mobile G2 in your pocket, but envious of the Desire Z and its stock Android trimmings? Well, it’s your lucky day. A new HTC Sense ROM is now available for the handset, and it’s running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS!

There have been Sense ROMs available for the G2/Desire Z for some time now, Virtuous being the best of the bunch. But having one of the latest versions of the OS is always a good thing, right? Thought so. This new Android 2.3 HTC Sense ROM is a mish-mash of some leaked system images, including one from the Wildfire S. The ROM isn’t running perfectly, as there are plenty of issues that still need to be fleshed out at the moment, but it’s a great addition to the selection for the G2.

Called GingerSense, and brought to you by TeamVillian, (who brought the G2 one of its first tastes of Gingerbread with GingerVillian) the ROM still has the following issues that have yet to be tackled:

* Camcorder hangs when pressing record
* Bluetooth does not work
* HTC Hub fails to log in
* The “card” mail widget does not work
* Landscape mode in Sense is bugged (thanks to HTC for this), I would advice against using this too often
* Question mark doesn’t work on hardware keyboard

Some of the issues are minimal, but if you’re a heavy Bluetooth user you may want to wait until the ROM becomes a bit more stable. Now that stock Gingerbread is pretty much covered by the CyanogenMod team, hopefully its full speed ahead with the development of this ROM. So whether you’re looking to try out a new ROM, or you just need more Sense in your life, you may want to give GingerSense a try.

I’ve yet to flash this just yet, so overall usability is still questionable. If you’re running GingerSense, how do you like it so far?

[Via: VillianROM]

  • I was just looking for a Sense ROM!!!

  • CodeMonkey

    Just Flashed it today, first successful ROM I have tried!!! P.S. HTC Hub works now, bluetooth is more stable, and he killed landscape mode a.k.a. its not there anymore. But thanks for the info, your the reason I found it.

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