Foursquare for iOS, Android getting major overhaul

Foursquare is preparing for an update that will become available tonight for iOS and Android. The new update looks like it will be a pretty major overhaul for the application and will make the user experience a little more rich. For now, Foursquare has been a rather passive application for me. The joy of becoming a mayor at a venue is quickly fleeting – two seconds after I’m crowned, I quickly forget – and I rarely check to see where my friends have been checking in.

I’ve yet to discover any new venues or get any decent tips about bars or restaurants from Foursquare, even with the addition of images. That’s part of what the company is trying to change with its coming update.

With Foursquare 3.0, you’ll be able to explore new places nearby and see what’s trending. It’s definitely more beneficial than just checking in where you already are. Typically, I’ll use Yelp to find a place nearby if I’m in the mood for something but am unsure of what’s in the neighborhood. When I find the place and get there, I’ll check in on Foursquare or Facebook.

The new version will also let you earn points when you check in at venues, as well as earn loyalty points and perks when you follow certain rules (e.g. checking in a number of times, or checking in with a group of friends). The social networking service is now partnering with merchants to offer discounts and free or sample items to those who use Foursquare to check in and share the experience with others.

Overall, it looks like the update will bring in more users if not make existing ones less passive and more active. I’m certainly curious to see how my usage changes once the update hits.

To learn more about the update coming tonight for iOS and Android, see the link below. BlackBerry users, fret not: the update will hit your platform this week minus some of the new 3.0 perks.

[Via: Foursquare]

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