Google Search Results Previews Pages on Android and iPhone

The Google search mobile page has a new Instant Previews feature that lets you browse through query results as a set of thumbnail images instead of boring ol’ text. This way, you’re basing what you click on what the page looks like, wich is often a good indicator of its quality and relevance. You might have noticed this feature already in Google search for your desktop browser, so they’ve already got a hold on generating website previews.

Google has been doing all sorts of cool stuff with their mobile site, like a tailor-made weather section, enhanced local business search results, product search, sorting options, query prediction, app search, and lots more. Working on a rich mobile site instead of a dedicated app cuts out the need for going through the whole app store submission rigmarole, and provides comparability to the greatest range of phones.

To check out the new Instant Preview feature, just crack open the browser on your iPhone or Android device, and head over to Here’s a video showing it in action.

[via Google Mobile Blog]

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