MSI’s Windpad Android Honeycomb tablet spied on video

We’ve been hearing about the MSI Windpad for sometime now, and it looks like it’s showing off its goods in a new video. The tablet looks to sport some high-end specs, easily making it a potential challenger to the upcoming flood of Honeycomb tablets, like the Motorola XOOM.

The video was taken by The Inquirer, but the video can’t be embedded, (without possibly ruffling a few feathers) so be sure to check out a video of the WindPad prototype below. What we know at this point is that the Windpad will be sporting a 10-inch multitouch display, NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, and of course, Android 3.0 Honeycomb. You’ll also find a trackpad on the device for easier navigation, and great viewing angles thanks to the IPS LCD display.

You’ll also find an orientation lock on the tablet, as well as a g-sensor that will let you browse photos, and likely turn pages with the e-reader app, just by tilting the display slightly. We’ve yet to see something like this implemented before, but we like it. Let’s hope some competitors can implement something similar, as sometimes you’re just too relaxed to lift a finger. We’ve all been there. (I think.)

Oddly enough, the device demoed in this latest video looks to have the Android 2.2 Froyo homescreen, but is running Honeycomb optimized applications, like YouTube. This could mean that MSI is working on some software tweaks before the big reveal, but honestly, what would they want to change in Honeycomb? It’s a darn sexy mobile OS all on its own. That said, Honeycomb is far from perfect, and Android wouldn’t be Android if it meant you couldn’t tweak the UI, or other extensions of the OS.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of this tablet soon, and we’d certainly be surprised if we didn’t get to catch a glimpse of it at CTIA later this month. We can expect quite a bit of competition at the show, and hopefully MSI has done enough to stand out in the crowd.

Anyone excited for MSI’s offering?

Check out a video of a prototype of the Windpad below!

[Via: Crunchgear, Inquirer]

  • Guese No. 1

    The person in the video said it runs 2.2, but will ship with 3.0. Just fyi.

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