Samsung TVs and Android talking together in harmony

Samsung has a nifty little application for Android and iPhone that will allow you to control your Samsung-made television with your smartphone. We go hands-on with this cool app, and get to see SmartHub, as well as the AllShare function, which shares content from your phone to the TV with a couple of taps.

The application can allow you to change channels and other basic television functions, but the real power is Samsung’s SmartHub. In order to connect your smartphone to your TV, you’ll need to be one the same wireless connection – which is required for most features of this kind – but it’s simple enough to do. The application has a dedicated internet button to access SmartHub, and since this is a smartphone, your wireless network preferences will be remembered. One of the benefits of connecting the two over WiFi is that you don’t need to point the device at the television to navigate through SmartHub’s features.

One of the cool features of SmartHub is the Social TV function, which allows you to watch television and connect to Facebook, Twitter, or even Google Talk. So if you’re watching a TV show, you can search Twitter to see what others are saying about it, all on the same screen. This bring real-time information right to your TV while watching it!

Another great feature that Samsung provides is AllShare, which will let your phone share content with your television. As you’ll see in the video, you can take a picture on your handset, and immediately share it with your television, just as you would if you were going to email it. This is the same if you wanted to share music, or videos as well. We’ve seen DLNA apps like this before, but Samsung provides a seamless and great experience to your TV.

Check out Samsung’s Android application and SmartHub in action below!

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