ON VoiceFeed is an easy to use voice messaging app for iPhone

Orange Vallée, which is a development centre for France Telecom’s Orange Group, unveiled ON VoiceFeed app for iPhone to “enhances exchange with family, friends, colleagues and any contact within the phone.” The application does that by allowing users to create customized groups and personalized greetings, while also incorporating text to voice capabilities.

For example, a user can inform his work colleagues, via one personalized greeting, that he is stuck in a meeting, and at the same time send a different greeting to his wife that he misses her and will be home late. Moreover with text to voice capability, users can type the message on their iPhones only to have the text converted into a voice message.

ON VoiceFeed is touted to pack all of the visual voicemail functions, while adding more (social) features to the mix. At a glance, users get the visual consultation of all voice messages received and select one(s) they want to listen to first. Moreover, there are Facebook or Twitter status updates of anyone who left you a message.

In a nutshell, you can think of ON VoiceFeed as a visual voicemail on steroids due to its “nature” to work differently for different groups of users. Neat, don’t you think?

ON Voicefeed (FREE) [iTunes link]

  • Anonymous

    A seriously flawed app.  Downloaded it and despite hours of effort can’t get it to work right.  Avoid!

  • Veness

    What does it cost when messages are left?

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