Gamer’s Pick: Tiny Wings is Tiny Awesome!

Dusan touched on Tiny Wings last month, and with good reason. The game is climbing up to the top of the App Store charts all around the world. After purchasing and playing the game for myself, I couldn’t help but jot down a few notes that I had to share with you. If you’ve been contemplating the purchase of Tiny Wings… hopefully this gives you a clearer picture of the awesomeness that is Tiny Wings.

Developed by Andreas Illiger, Tiny Wings is whimsical, charming and EASY to play. The whole premise is this… You’re a little bird, and you’ve always dreamed of flying… but your wings are tiny. Thankfully, the world you live in is full of hills that you can use to catapult yourself to new heights. Once you get a-rockin’, you can shoot up into the air and fly like never before.

To start the game, you’re sitting in your nest, perched on a hill. To begin, simply tap and hold your finger on the display. Whenever you tap and hold, the little bird will stop flapping his/her wings. Why is this important? You use this technique to slide down the downslope of hills. When you hit the upslope, release your finger and you’ll flap your tiny wings, achieving air time on the other side of the hill. As you move through the game, if you time your taps just right, you can hit downslopes and catapult yourself high into the air, to reach new heights and touch the clouds.

The catch is, you can only fly during daylight. You’ll notice in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen an icon alerting you to the time of day. It’s up to you to progress as far as you can before sundown. The faster you go, the longer you’ll make it. It’s that simple.

In addition, before each session you can check for ‘objectives’ that you can complete. Collect coins, make jumps and more to meet these goals.

Thankfully there’s more goodness to come in Tiny Wings. GameCenter support and more leaderboards are on the way… at the moment the game IS OpenFeint enabled, so you can login there for leaderboard and achievement tracking worldwide.

Tiny Wings is one of those rare games that puts a smile on my face. Gameplay is intuitive, the graphics are stunning, and the audio adds to the experience. Two thumbs up, WAY up for Tiny Wings. Now get out there, flap your wings and fly away!

Tiny Wings ($0.99) [iTunes link]

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