CloudTalk’s new Partner Program allows developers to make their apps more social

CloudTalk — which touts itself as a “social communications platform that enables natural communication through voice messaging, texting and photo and video sharing” — unveiled its new Partner Program at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

The idea here is to allow mobile and web application developers to integrate a “whole new dimension” of voice, text and rich media to any application where the “power of human communication is important.” Interested companies can access a full range of social networking and communications services to deliver “compelling user experiences” while at the same time reducing time and cost to market.

As part of the Partner Program, atzip unveiled a free social meet-up application for connecting people who share similar interests and hobbies, allowing them to talk and text with other users by sending the so called “zip-ins,” which are short messages that describe what you’re in the mood for whether it’s coffee, a movie, or dinner, for example.

Additionally, the CloudTalk Platform can be customized to fit an array of other apps and services like group messaging, dating, education, celebrity broadcasting or internal communications apps…

atzip (FREE) [iTunes link]
CloudTalk Messenger (FREE) [iTunes link]

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