Facebook for Android Updated With Photo Uploading to Groups, Walls

The official Facebook app for Android has been updated to include a few new features relating to sharing pictures. In version 1.5.2, you can now upload pictures take on your phone to the walls of friends, as opposed to only your profile. You can also post photos to Groups (seen above next to the “Write something…” box), and now they’ll be oriented correctly once uploaded. The last update to Facebook for Android introduced deals, chat, and push notifications.

As usual, you can use Facebook to keep tabs on your friends’ updates, check in to places, check upcoming events, and comb through pictures shared by your buddies. Apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, webOS and Windows Phone are also available, if you’re packing something other than an Android phone.

As nice as these new picture posting features are, Facebook for Android still has a ways to go; you still can’t Like comments on posted items, tag photos, delete items you’ve posted, and handful of other important features. To be fair, the BlackBerry app only added places recently, and still doesn’t support chat, so there’s really only so much complaining one can do.

You can download the app in the Android Market – let us know how it goes, I’ve been seeing a lot complaints about force closes and broken notifications.

[via Facebook]

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