Switch to Sprint and get up to $125 port-in credit

Sprint is offering up a pretty sweet deal for those considering switching to its network. If you want to move from your current carrier to Sprint, and you want to keep your number, Sprint will offer $125 to port in if you purchase a smartphone like the HTC EVO 4G or Samsung Epic 4G. It’s not too shabby if you’re really dying to get in on that WiMax action, but if you’re facing a $300+ early termination fee from your current carrier, perhaps it might be best to hold off.

If you aren’t too keen on getting a smartphone, but you want to join Sprint anyway – it does offer some pretty good plans – you will get $50 to port your number in for a feature phone.

Here’s the official low-down from Sprint:

Just bring your number from another carrier to Sprint and activate a smartphone, like the Samsung Epic™ 4G, on a new line and we’ll give you a $125 service credit. Not ready for a smartphone? We’ll give you a $50 service credit when you port your number from another carrier and activate one of our other fabulous phones. Either way, you win.

  • $125 service credit per line for each smartphone
  • $50 service credit per line for other phones

This offer is available online, via Telesales and in participating Sprint Stores. Purchases from other retailers are not eligible for this credit.
How to get your service credit:

  • Find the perfect phone. Shop online now.
  • Transfer your eligible number to Sprint by 4/16/2011. Doing this online is easy – we’ll ask you for your number when you checkout.
  • Within 72 hours of activating your phone and transferring your number from another carrier, register for the credit.

That’s it! You can expect to see your service credit as a lump sum within the adjustment section of your invoice. The service credit will show up on the first or second invoice after you have been a Sprint customer for 60 days. It will be labeled as “Valued Customer Service Credit.”

Visit this page if you have any questions about the status of your service credit and select “Where’s my credit?” Remember, the credit will not appear on your invoice until at least 60 days after activation.

Requires two-year Agreement.

That’s about it. It’s not a shabby deal if you’re looking to join the nation’s third largest wireless carrier and you find that the credit will cover your termination fees. Do note, however, that Sprint isn’t going to credit your new device or offer you cash at the register. The $125 or $50 will be applied as a credit to your bill after you’ve been with the carrier for at least 60 days, which means you’re well beyond your 30-day change-your-mind-and-leave period.

Oh, and this offer ends on April 16, 2011, so you have a month to make your decision.

[Via: Sprint]

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