Hands-on demo: Bump.com app – social network for your license plate

Bump.com turns license plates into social networks
Bump.com turns license plates into social networks

Your car’s license probably isn’t associated with much beyond getting you tickets but Bump.com is trying to change that by making your car’s license plate your name in a social network.

If the idea sounds crazy, I completely hear you – your license plate seems like something you wouldn’t want to give out on a whim but the Bump.com folks may be on to an interesting idea. Check out the video below for a preview of how this works on the upcoming Android app.

To create your Bump.com account, you simply enter in your license plate number and you’re given your own unique name. From there, you can tie in your Facebook and Twitter accounts to find others and then you’ll be on your way.

You’ll be able to fill out your profile and message other Bump.com users, including adding photos and geographic tags. Why would you want to do this? Well, the company said this could help you warn other users of hazards or you could shoot out a message when you’re at a sporting event to see if any other users are nearby.

The parts that aren’t mentioned actually may be the big appeal of this service. If some jerkhole cuts you off, you can take a look at their license place, see if they’re on the service and then shoot them a nasty message.

What if you’re stuck in gridlock traffic and the gal in the car next to you is shooting you the “let’s talk” look? If she’s on Bump.com, you could whip out the app and maybe start a connection.

I think there is going to be a major hurdle getting users comfortable giving this information and, thankfully, you can toggle your privacy settings to determine what other people can see.

What do you think of Bump.com, friends? Would you give it a try?

  • I’d like to try it))

  • Anonymous

    I’d try it, it’d be great for car/bike enthousiasts of any kind really. I really don’t like the interface though, perhaps there’s some room in this market.

  • Man this dude does not know how to give a good demo. Bump needs to get someone else to do these demo`s

  • Dave

    That is freaking brilliant. I would like to send a gentle message to the a55hole who just flicked his cigarette butt on the roadway.

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