Nokia E7 gets a small firmware update

Nokia has issued a small firmware update for its Symbian flagship – E7. The 907 kb-heavy download brings E7’s firmware version from 13.016 to 14.002 (PR 1.1). We’re talking about a small update here which doesn’t add any major features to your smartphone — rather, it packs minor performance improvements along with a number of bug fixes.

If the E7 still hasn’t prompted you to update (and it should), there’s the manual option. Head over to “Applications” folder and click on the “SW update” icon to start the new firmware version check. If there is a new firmware available, follow instructions provided on the screen to proceed. Make sure you’re battery is full, though.

As usual, we advise you to backup the phone prior to clicking any “Update” buttons. Even though the E7 should preserve all of your data, it’s a good practice to have a second copy of your contacts and other PIM data stored locally on your hard drive…

[Via: AllAboutSymbian]

  • Jerry1ken

    Fail! Where is the major firmware update for Symbian that we was waiting for scheduled for 1st quarter 2011

  • I’m glad that symbian is still getting some support, though it would deserve more.

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