Smart Cover Transforms iPad 2 into the World’s Most Expensive Fridge Magnet

If you’ve got an extra $499 kicking around for an iPad 2, and $39 for a polyurethane ‘Smart Cover’ (or $69 for a the leather version), not only do you have a brand new ‘magical’ device to play around with… you’ve also bought yourself the world’s most expensive refrigerator magnet!

Illustrated in the pictures you see here via Edible Apple, the magnets inside the new Smart Cover are more than strong enough to hold the iPad 2 to your fridge. While I can certainly think of more than a few practical uses for this, I think I’ll stick with the Charlie Brown and ‘Hawaii Hula Girl’ magnets that I currently have on my fridge. Sure, this would look geek-tastic and all… but I can’t do it. I just can’t.

  • There is not really a best fridge magnet. The truth is, all fridge magnets are the best, the only difference is the need each company has.

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