Hands-on: AT&T HD7S with Windows Phone 7 at CTIA 2011

The HD7S just became official for AT&T and we were able to get our hands on an untethered unit. That’s right, folks, IntoMobile is giving you the first look at this Windows Phone 7 smartphone coming to AT&T within the next few weeks.

There aren’t many differences between this and the HD7 for T-Mobile and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t notice the Super LCD 4.3-inch screen at first. That, along with the AT&T support, are the main differentiators between this and the Windows Phone 7 device on T-Mobile.

That’s not necessarily bad but some may be disappointed that AT&T hasn’t blessed this as one of its 4G devices. You’re looking at standard AT&T 3G speeds, so your milage may vary.

The AT&T HD7S rocks a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 5-megapixel shooter, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and all the other things you expect from a device of this class. As you would expect, this comes with the HTC Hub, which includes the handset maker’s specialized apps and widgets.

The AT&T HD7S rocks Windows Phone 7 and that means you’ll get a fresh UI even if the app store and feature set of the platform is not quite on par with some of the competitors. I’m still digging Windows Phone 7 and the magic of it really comes out once you’ve inputted your personal data.

There’s not too much to get excited about the AT&T HD7S, to be honest, as it’s just a repurposed HD7 for AT&T’s bands. Still, it looks like a solid device and if you wanted to check out Windows Phone 7 on a large screen, this may be the device for you.

What do you think, friends? Is this just some warmed over hardware or is it spiffy enough to tempt you. Let us know in the comments friends.

Check out our photo gallery and video below.

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