T-Mobile G2x supports AT&T HSPA+ 4G?

While you may have all your attention on the newly announced EVO 3D and the EVO View tablet, we certainly haven’t allowed the T-Mobile G2x to get past our radar. Interestingly enough, it looks like T-Mobile has made preparations for the AT&T acquisition by throwing in support for a couple more 3G bands on the G2x.

Looking at the spec sheet of the handset on the T-Mobile site, you’ll see everything you’d come to expect from the Optimus 2X. What’s interesting, however, is that the G2x looks to support AT&T’s HSPA+ bands, 1900 and 850. Since AT&T is looking to use T-Mobile’s existing towers to support their own 4G LTE network, giving the handset more supported frequencies won’t make it useless after the merger goes through.

Still, even if the G2 sequel remains fully functional, only on a different carrier, that may not be good enough for some people. Then again, T-Mobile looks like it’s staying relatively independent, and for all we know the transition could be as easy as flipping the switch on these bands. Whatever the case is, if you choose to buy the T-Mobile G2x, your investment is somewhat secured, as it won’t be rendered useless once everything goes through with the acquisition.

So far, the most impressive handsets we’ve seen so far are the EVO 3D, the Thrill 4G, and the G2x. All sport dual-core processors, and impressive spec sheets, but only the T-Mobile’s handset will be fully supported on two different carriers. So, if for any reason you want the G2x on AT&T, you can make that happen, if the bands are enabled when the phone ships, that is. Then again, the Thrill 4G may be a better fit, as you’ll get virtually everything on the G2x, plus a glasses-free 3D display and stereoscopic cameras.

I’d hardly call the T-Mobile G2x “future-proofed”, however. It just may last long enough for you to finish up your contract. By that time, the G2x will likely look slow to us.

[Via: TMONews]

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