Windows Phone 7 ‘NoDo’ Updated Coming March 29, AT&T Customers Still SOL

Windows Phone 7 users just want their frickin’ copy and paste. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so, because it was a feature that was missing at launch, and we were all aware of it ahead of time, too. The “NoDo” update that WP7 users have been waiting for should feature the capability, along with many other upgrades. However, it’s been a long and arduous wait for the update.

News is that it’s going to become available tomorrow, but only for Telus in Canada and Orange in the UK. AT&T customers might have to wait several weeks while the carrier completes its testing with no launch schedule in sight. AT&T says, “We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delay of Windows Mobile 7. AT&T will make this update available once it has achieved technical acceptance in our labs. Unfortunately, we do not have a date for when an AT&T-approved update will be available.”

It was a little too easy to blame Microsoft for the update delay, because, well, we all love blaming Microsoft for stuff. This time around, however, the update has been good and ready to go from the software maker’s end — it’s just the carriers who are holding back the update because of testing. T-Mobile is preparing to schedule its updates, Sprint will be launching with the new update already loaded onto the device, so the only U.S. carrier left without a launch date in sight.

Microsoft has already started pushing the update to unbranded devices in Europe in hopes of staving off some of the criticism it had been taking due to the lack of certain features.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, the carriers are giving users a bad taste remnant of the Windows Mobile days when updates would take a year or more, often missing promised deadlines. Hopefully this clears the Redmond, WA giant a bit and gives the carriers – especially AT&T – a little more heat.

[Via: WinRumors and ZDNet]

  • Shammy

    Unfortunately it’s going to give Microsoft more heat because users will not associate the update with AT&T. Microsoft should create and wrapper app that will allow users to choose to install the update via Microsoft or Carrier.

  • Frostbyte

    I hope that AT&T gets it right… I still have one of those HP iPaq pocket computers. Thanks to the lock that HP had on it, I NEVER DID get any updates to fix the problems it had. Even that being said, it was in large part much better than the limited version of WP7 we now have. Microsoft needs to take a more proactive stance and make certain that the ‘intermediates’ don’t screw this one up. WP7 has a LOT of potential. Don’t screw it up AT&T.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Shammy. There should be a method where the end user can just grab the update from MS. Either that or MS should have the carriers send engineers to a MS location when an update is complete and dedicate them to the testing / certification process. Once they are done (not before then) announce the update and feature set with real dates!

  • WB

    I say fuck the carriers, why the hell do they need to do ‘testing’ anyway? It wasn’t necessary for the iPhone updates, so why does MS allow them to block it?!

    I’m sorry MS, but I’m still blaming you 100% for this BS, you should never have allowed the carriers to TOUCH updates.

  • Darkzero_2011

    could it be they’re holding it back for the HD7s with nodo included that way people will buy that rather than the older phones that do not have nodo?

  • Gagan_garry

    My wait is over.. Just sold my htc hd7 and bought dell streak.. I’ll never buy win phone again in my life

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