GetGlue for iPhone Adds Foursquare Integration, Sports Check-In

GetGlue, the check-in app for just about everything, has made their first steps into location-based check-ins. By plugging into your Foursquare account, you can now simultaneously share where you’re watching a movie, reading a book, playing a game, and now catching whatever sport you happen to enjoy. You can check in with your team, and earn sticker rewards from Fox Sports, NCAA, HBO Sports, NFL, NHL, and lots of others. On top of supporting Foursquare, the iPhone app for GetGlue has had a UI facelift, including new screens to view suggested content based on your tastes, and a quick rate screen to help establish those tastes.

GetGlue is a social network design to share and discover stuff you’re interested in; the range of content is pretty extensive, and includes sections to leave (and reply to) reviews, connect with friends who have similar interests, and share that content out to Facebook and Twitter if you like. The reward system is pretty awesome, and offers custom stickers for checking-in to something at a certain time, or with certain frequency. Once you amass 20 virtual stickers, GetGlue will actually ship you real ones to show off your various obsessions. You can also win “Guru” status with enough check-ins and votes from the community at large.

I’m a huge fan of GetGlue, and location check-ins were the only thing that I felt was really missing from the equation. Up until now, GetGlue has steered clear of location, since they’re more interested in forming partnerships with TV networks than local businesses. That being said, now GetGlue users can enjoy the best of both worlds with minimal fuss. Though I’m not much of a sports nut, it’s a huge category of content to open up, and will definitely see a lot of activity.

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can download GetGlue for BlackBerry in App World, Android in the Market, or iPhone below. I’m also pretty active on there, spamming the world with the video games I’m playing at any given moment.

[via AdaptiveBlue]

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