CyanogenMod team bangs out CM7 RC4 with Android Gingerbread OS

It was only a couple of day ago when we saw the CyanogenMod team release its third release candidate (RC) for CyanogenMod 7, and now the RC 4 version is already  available for download.

This build will likely be the last release candidate before we see a final, stable version of CM7. That’s encouraging, because CM7 RC4 is already fairly stable. Some existing bugs on the EVO and Nexus One have yet to be fully fixed, but there should be plenty of other bug fixes within this release. Those of you holding onto a NOOKcolor will be happy to hear that hardware acceleration is now supported in this build.

It’s kind of funny (yet sad) that the CyanogenMod team is nearing a stable release of CM7 based on Android Gingerbread  OS, when no major carrier has released an Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS update for their devices as of yet. Then again, carriers aren’t sending out betas and release candidates for their users, and don’t have the Android community to test out bugs for them. This alone helps the CyanogenMod team easily target bugs that need to be addressed.

At this rate, we’ll likely be seeing a stable release of CyanogenMod 7 within a few short weeks, if that. Here’s to a speedy release of the most stable build of the most popular custom Android ROM available!

You can grab the latest release candidate from the ROM Manager app, or manually download it here.

[Via: CyanogenMod]

  • But then again they (manufacturer’s) have people working for them testing the software made specifically for that single device.. when Cyanogen is functioning on multiple devices.

  • DXLarry

    Will CyanogenMod ever work for the Droid X?

  • superman

    what are the new features!!!!!

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