Motorola Atrix 4G for AT&T gets 4.1.57 software update

Motorola Atrix 4G users on AT&T can look forward to a number of bug fixes and upgrades with the new 4.1.57 software updated being released by Motorola. The update will bring a number of bug fixes and enhancements which include better battery life and more. According to Motorola’s Twitter account, the update will be rolling out in phases.

Here are the fixes you can expect:

Motorola also says that Atrix 4G users should make sure that the phone is at a minimum 50% battery level when performing the update once the notification hits their phones.

The Motorola Atrix 4G was introduced by AT&T and Motorola as the most technologically advanced smartphone to date. However, it did ship with a few bugs and annoyances that made users think otherwise. There’s also the problem with it being labeled a next-generation device without any of the actual benefits of 4G. In fact, AT&T has admitted to capping data speeds on the Atrix until network upgrades are complete. The two 4G devices that AT&T sells – the Atrix and Inspire – are capped and incapable of high-speed uploads.

This update won’t fix the pathetically slow data upload speeds, but it will fix just about every other bug on the phone. We might not see the data speed cap lifted until some time in April. Until then, the few bugs that do linger will be fixed by this update.

[Via: Motorola]

  • Suns116

    Anyone else have the problem that their music turns off soon after the display screen times out?

    • Anonymous

      That’s kind of odd. Do you have a task killer set up to kill apps when the screen goes off?

    • Abe_Cheung

      That happens to me as well, the display goes off, then after a while the music goes off as’s not with the task killer, cause it’s not ticked for “turns off app when screen turns off etc”

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