SPB Shell 3D offers a sexy new Android UI, for a price

We thought that it couldn’t get much better than ADW Launcher EX and its slick 3D transitions, but SPB Shell 3D may possibly be the best home replacement app for Android if you’re looking for a lot of eye candy.

SPB offers up a truly 3D experience, with loads of customization options available. There are Smart Folders, which analyze the applications within a folder and names it without you having to do so manually, and quick access to all of your homescreens in a slick, 3D-carousal layout. There are also plenty of other goodies throughout SPB. But with the sweets come the sours, and there are quite a few sours that tag along with the app.

Unfortunately, live wallpapers aren’t supported on SPB for performance purposes, and right now there is no support for tablet devices. Let’s hope both of these things change in the future, as seeing this app running on a large screen would look phenomenal. Performance of the app also looks to be a mixed bag, as some users are saying that the home replacement is either very fast, very slow, or won’t even launch at all.

We can give the devs some slack for the bugs, as SPB Shell 3D is a brand new application, but one of the biggest issues with the app is its price point.

Coming in at a whopping $14.95, the price of SPB is expensive, especially when there are many reported bugs throughout. As time goes on, and it gains support for live wallpapers and tablets, along with new features, the price may be somewhat justified. But, as it stands today, it’s going to be tough to spend your time or money on an application that may not even work on your phone. That said, if you have $15 to spare, and don’t mind waiting for the optimizations, go for it.

Who knows, maybe it will debut on the Amazon app store some day for a lower price point. Just saying.

Even if you’re not looking to buy the app today, we suggest you take a look at the video below to show the power of SPB Shell 3D when it’s in full working order.

Already sold? Hit up this link to download SPB Shell 3D from the Android Market Webstore.

  • Wow.

  • I guess its time for me to switch to Android. iOS UI seems medieval in comparison.

  • For the money, one would expect a great app and good customer service. This one lacks either, all the while, eating up all of your RAM. LPP gives you way more functionality and is less expensive to boot.

    The only reason we ended up with this expensive, yet half-cooked app, is because SPB was shooting for loftier contracts with Phone providers, and could not deliver past the shiny exterior.

    No thanks, from this gadget fan.

  • Beautiful, but not free.

  • Hu-sari

     Unfortunately does not support the Arabic language

  • Bekashakov

    ???? ??? ??? ?????? 

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