Verizon’s Casio Commando belongs in the bottom of the ocean

Clumsy enough that you know that you should begin to tread into rugged phone territory for your next purchase? Well Verizon is looking to help you out in that department with possibly the ugliest Android phone we’ve ever seen, the Casio Commando.

The Commando was spotted in the leaked Verizon Roadmap yesterday, but pictures of the device have been floating around for some time now. The water-resistant Android 2.2 toting handset ships with an 800 MHz CPU, 3.7 inch display,  3G EVDO Rev A, WiFi, along with an earth compass, thermometer, and other outdoors-y, rugged, nature-defying features.

It looks as if Casio wanted to make the most extreme looking Android phone to date, and it’ll definitely catch some eyes. Likely not in a good way, though. Verizon was smart enough to not allow the Droid name adorn this handset. We’d like the say that the Commando is the answer to the Motorola Defy, but it looks like it’s carving its own weird place in the rugged phone world. Aesthetics aside, there will be a market for this thing, as there are plenty of people out there who want a smartphone, but can’t hold on to their feature phone without dropping it.

If you’re all thumbs, would you consider the Commando when it hits Verizon shelves?  We couldn’t imagine it will run you much money, and who knows, maybe Casio is onto something. Or not.

[Via: PhoneArena]

  • ck

    About time someone put out a rugged, smartpnone. The other’s, several hundred dollars
    and they wimp out if they get some rain, sink water, or it’t dropped? Makes the insurance
    companies rich. Will get the Casio Commando ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    lol at ck…..looks cool though but thats what insurance is for…..but true at the same time….what u said….ill stay with my tbolt 🙂

  • @ck, I am in full agreement, this smart phone may look like shit (not really) but being in the Army, I have to have a phone that will withstand ALOT of punishment

  • Mike

    YES!! I just wish it were more powerful :p I’ve been stuck with a G’Zone Type-V and then Rock for years waiting for this to come out. Their other phones are sooo slow at anything, even text input… please God let this be up to par in the performance department!

  • Jake Peters

    I’m excited by this, but I bet they’ll ruin it with a so-so battery – for airport lounge use only!

  • I’ve got a demo of this from Verizon. Battery life isn’t good, but it’s a solid phone, feels nice, and even with the 800MHz it’s pretty snappy. The G’Zone apps are kinda cool. If it’s under $100 I’d say they have a winner here. If it’s $200 then I’d rather have a Thunderbolt.

    • how did you get a demo from verizon?

  • I’ve got a demo of this from Verizon. Battery life isn’t good, but it’s a solid phone, feels nice, and even with the 800MHz it’s pretty snappy. The G’Zone apps are kinda cool. If it’s under $100 I’d say they have a winner here. If it’s $200 then I’d rather have a Thunderbolt.

  • Verizon implies CDMA. Is there a GSM version of this Casio Commando phone?

    • Southerner

      Right now, about the only GSM option is the Moto Defy on T-Mobile.

  • Southerner

    Did you ever consider that there are people in the world who actually NEED a tough phone and couldn’t give a r@ts@ss how it looks? There’s a whole lotta folks in the working world who need to move up to a smartphone from their feature phone and need something that suits their lifestyle.

    But keep rockin’ your popped collar, city boy!

    • southerner you are 100% right im 19 i do havc for a living and i have been waiting for a smartphone that is indestructible

      • Southerner

        It’s not hard to figure out. For instance, I’m a land surveyor so I spend a lot of time in the deep woods. Just yesterday I cut a tree and got struck by a limb that knocked my walkie-talkie off my belt so hard the battery back flew off. No place for a wussy device.

        Still, I need not only voice but I need to be in contact with my office email.
        Construction types and probably innumerable other examples abound.

    • I agee. I am 19 I live in Southern Idaho and i am a heavy equipment mechanic. I have smashed to date 7 phones in my pocket.


    I like the styling of it..

  • just called verizon and they its going to lunch on the 28th

  • Personally, I had a BB Flip when they came out, but working in a warehouse, it only lasted about 6 months. Got a Casio Rock to replace it and had no trouble at all. Considering what my Rock has gone thru (30 minute walk in rain, ex-gf throwing phone across road, etc), Casio has me sold on their rugged phones. Been looking for another smartphone, and with this being rugged and Casio, I am looking forward to this. Looks wise, I like this phone. The battery is my only concern. My Rock only needs to be charged about every 4 days, so I am hoping for at least every other day.

  • just called verizon for more info and price and its 199 with 2 year contract and being lunched on the 28th

  • Andy

    I love it. I take my LG Android geocaching canoing and winter camping but its a pain keeping it in a ziplock bag tucked under your clothes in you armpit to keepp it warm and dry. Keeps people from asking to use it though 🙂

  • big Al

    Read the reviews all over the net on this phone. Have gone thru Romany smart phones, most can’t even handle a little pocket sweat. Got the Commando and NY the time I USD it set up I was ready to return it. The touchscreen was so unresponsive and out of celebration I did not see how I could live with it. WAIT…I played with it for a little longer and the touchscreen response continued to improve. Now its great. Almost like it has to self calibrate its self the first time its powered up. Took it om
    kayak sailing today, just out it in a mesh side pocket, no dry bag, was great to use some sailing GPS program to chart my tracks – tacks and speeds. Ended up in a small squall, lots of salt water coming over the entire kayak, the Commando took it like a fish. Really starting to like it now. RrrrGlad I did not return it. Just wish Casio would bring out a car dock for it and take advantage of the charging contacts on the side and not have to plug in the USB chargers. Oh yea, just like most newer more powerful smartphones you need atleast a 1amp car charger, a std regular 500 m amp just wont keep up when the phone is running GPS mapping or other power intensive apps. Ive orders a 2.1 amp CLA.

  • Dixiehvacr

    Re: Charging big AL, I purchased 2 Casio charge cradles from Verizon online. One stays in my vehicles with 12v adapter plugged in. The other cradle I keep in my backpack with dual voltage (115v & 12v) This way H20 plug over usb rarely gets
    pulled out. I live on 20 acres of woods by Xion Nat Pk. 7
    National Pks here. This Casio Commando is great 4 star nav, GPS Waypoints, Mapping etc .Corning Gorilla glass almost unstcratchable. Still protect my
    device, I want it to last And look clean. Looking now 4 solar power to plug into that cradle. No worries bendind over a stream &
    plunk in the H20 .. NP

    • Backlash131313

      bought one of these a while ago myself they are nice to have when camping might help with you too

    • you can use the dock in the car? and with the phone on the dock in the car does it go in car mode?

  • Laddjag1

    I have had my commando for a few weeks now and its the best phone I have had since 1984, thats right I said 84.  I figured the writer of the above article was a girl from the comments and was shocked to see the photo.  Dude, buck up!

  • Laddjag1

    I have had my commando for a few weeks now and its the best phone I have had since 1984, thats right I said 84.  I figured the writer of the above article was a girl from the comments and was shocked to see the photo.  Dude, buck up!

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Interesting that you think the phone is ugly Mr. Stimac. I find the phone quite stylish and I get lots of people ask me about it and I have yet to have anyone say they don’t like it. On the contrary most people want to know where they can get one. Just because you think it is ugly doesn’t make it true. Some of us do real honest-to-goodness hard, physical work for a living and we need to have a tough phone that will handle man work. Obviously, you sit behind a desk so you don’t need a tough phone. As Laddjag1 stated, this is the best phone I have ever had, hands down. You sir Stimac are a Moron. IMO

  • Hard worker

    I would like to thank you for assuming that anyone who owns a ruggedized mil-spec phone is simply a klutz who drops their phone because we’re incompetent. I owned the original Casio G’zOne when they came out. I work an outdoor job where it is commonly raining and wet, and rough labor is a necessity. I was one of the only people who was reachable by phone the entire work day because most others were leaving their phones inside where they would stay dry, or where they wouldn’t get bashed around. The only reason I gave up that phone was to get Android, and now that Verizon has a ruggedized Android I’ll be joining those who are proud to have this phone.

    I’m sorry that your ignorance apparently leads you to believe that the only people who deserve to have an Android are those who work in a sheltered job and are afraid to have a phone shaped outside of the box. As with the original G’zOne, I intend to use and abuse this phone at my job and still have it working after the work day is done. I don’t intend to let it slip out of my hands on purpose, but at least I’ll know that when I get caught in the freakishly sudden downpours of the area or when it slips out of a pocket and into a puddle or onto the pavement that it’ll survive to see another day.

    I’m afraid I must agree with Noneofyourbusiness.

  • Steve

    Reading this on my commando I say its a great phone for people who WORK for a living. holds up to oil and grease (and drops) well.

  • Joe

    I’m inclined to agree with these folks down here. This article completely misses the reason anyone buys these phones. I’ve been buying G’zOne’s since the beginning also because of my occupation. Working as a welder and machinist, I can carry my phone with me all day and not worry about it.

    But even for those who work in less electronics-hostile jobs, I think there’s a good reason to have a ruggedized phone. It’s bad enough that we have become so dependent on our phones for interaction. What’s even worse are the people who have to baby their phones like a pet, worrying if they should leave it at home before heading out in a rainstorm or worrying that it will get scratched when they put it in the same pocket as their keys. I pay for my phone, and it’s here to serve ME goddamnit, not the other way around. If I want to jump in a lake or roll down a hill I shouldn’t have to find a little plastic baggie to keep my phone dry or hide it in my shoes, I should be able to do what I want and not worry about it. With my G’zOne, I don’t feel like I have to be careful and protect my phone, I do what I would do anyway, and I can count on it to deal with it.

  • Shalomletjahbepraised

    there are a hundred reviews on the net regarding the Commando,and of all of them,this one is just horrible…poor writing that completely misses the point,and the true core group that Casio is aiming for…Like their G-Shock watches,which aren’t worn by millions who are clumsy but by those who want a long-lasting watch that can take whatever the wearer can take,swimming,climbing,etc.The G’Z Gear App says it all…for the outdoor enthusiast who doesn’t have to baby everything on there person…I for one appreciate the effort,and the phone,like the watches,is perfect if you spend time hiking,backpacking,rock climbing,crossing streams,etc…The author of this article should get a little sun,and utilize the outside a little more,because he doesn’t see the forest from the trees,as it were…posted by the Commando on a rock-face with a beautiful vista;not 4 walls..

  • Ntmichia

    Best phone I have ever had. I work indoors, but when I go out I don’t have to worry abt hurting it. Sure it has flaws, what phone doesn’t…… but the commando works!

  • Gotoschool

    It’s really not too bad.  I’m active duty US Navy and work as a welder and would love to stop breaking my damn iphones.  This review is really biased toward fancy, pretty, high end, prick phones.  I assume you don’t do any sort of work outside an office by the way you talk about this phone.  Most people just want the basics in a smart phone i.e. e mail, internet, simple media, DURABILITY, etc..  If they really want to see impressive shit they go home and watch their sweet TV’s or computers.

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