World of Goo Coming to iPhone, $0.99 on Launch Day

World of Goo, an excellent physics puzzle game for the Wii and PC, recently landed on the iPad 2, and will be making its way to the smaller screen soon, according to developer 2D Boy. The game has been submitted, and once it’s accepted, it will be $0.99 for the first 24 hours after release , then $2.99 after. They’ll also be making the iPad version universal, so you won’t have to buy it for your tablet and your phone. On the downside, you’ll need a 3GS or newer in order to play (or a 3rd. generation iPod touch).

The premise of the game is actually really unique. You’re trying to get these little Goo Balls from one end of a map to another, where they can be gathered by the World of Goo corporation, and sold by barrel to hungry consumers. You build structures for the Goo Balls to travel along, and they provide support in a number of ways, but rarely is that support strong enough or the maps straightforward enough to be stable. There’s a gameplay trailer below which will show you just what I mean.

Be sure to keep an eye out for World of Goo in the iPhone App Store “soonish”. Link below!

[via 2D Boy]

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