Giveaway: Win a 16GB WiFi iPad 2 from IntoMobile and Greystripe [Update]

Hello again, dear readers. No, you’re not experiencing a case of déjà vu. We’re holding another fantastic giveaway this week with ANOTHER 16GB WiFi iPad 2 in either black or white to give away in case you weren’t the lucky winner of our previous giveaway. Trust me when we say the iPad 2 is one awesome tablet, but you probably already know that from reading our review.

This time, our iPad 2 is coming courtesy of the fine folks at Greystripe and will require some more Facebook hoop jumping. So without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Here’s what you’ll need to do in order to successfully enter our giveaway:

  1. “Like” Greystripe on Facebook.
  2. “Like” IntoMobile on Facebook.
  3. Choose one of your favorite brands and think of your most creative way for how your favorite brand could take advantage of touchscreens in advertising on smartphones and tablets (no porn jokes, please).
  4. Submit your idea to both the comments of this article as well as on Greystripe’s Facebook Wall.

This giveaway may require some more hoops to jump through compared to our previous giveaway, but when you consider the prize that’s up for grabs, we’re sure it’s a piece of cake compared to spending your hard earned money on Apple’s latest tablet device. And, unlike our previous comment contests where we’d pick winners at random, the winner of this giveaway will be chosen by the creativity in their submission.

The giveaway will take place from the time of this posting and entries will be accepted until 11:59pm PT on April 15th, which will give you more than enough time to think long and hard of a really good entry. And also, please be sure to follow the rules below:

  • Leave only ONE comment in this comments section below as well as on Greystripe’s Facebook Wall. If you post multiple comments, you will be disqualified. If you suspect there’s something wrong with your comment, contact us.
  • ONLY US residents aged 18 or older. You are only eligible for the contest if you are 18 or older and live in one of the 50 United States of America. We can’t accept any non-US entries. If we could, we would.
  • Winner has have five (5) days to contact us to claim the prize. If you don’t contact us within five days, your prize will be given away to another lucky reader.

Now that all is said and done, get to work!

[Update: We have picked a winner. Congratulations to Joshua for winning the iPad 2!]

  • garmin gps – instead of just an ad, have the user play a little game involving getting to a destination. win or lose, they get a coupon to use towards an accessory.

  • Express Clothing – create some ad that allows the user to make an avatar of sorts with your specific dimensions (height, weight, pant size, length, etc…) and then you pick the clothes you want and it tells you sizes and gives you the option to see if they’re currently available at your local store

  • It would be neat if Guitar Center would have a special on a guitar and feature it in an ad. It would let you rotate, zoom, and virtually inspect the guitar. Perhaps they could even let you zoom into the fretboard and strum it, outputting some processed tones similar to the output of the actual guitar.

  • One of my favorite companies is Cafe Press and I think it’d be cool if, in-ad, you or your little 4-year old could fingerpaint with a variety of simple tools (potato cutout stamps, etc), then upload it immediately for placement on their various products.

    #1 dad finger painted on a mug?
    Happy mother’s day! finger painted with little potato cutout hearts stamped all over?
    How cute and sentimental might that be?

  • I think it would be great to see a brand like Apple or Samsung who’s production is being impacted by the Japan earthquake to develop a touch-enabled ad that builds brand equity while also benefiting a cause.

    For example, they could put a single level of a simple touch game (think paper toss, fruit ninja, angry birds), and give a donation for specific scores. For every 10k scored, the brand donates a dollar to Red Cross. They likely could get the original game developers to agree to use their game mechanics given the philanthropic aspect. At the end of the experience the user puts their name in and has a donation in their name for that amount.

    The user has fun, contributes and builds a better relationship with the brands. Win-win.

  • I would love to see all these upcoming electric cars like the ford focus incorporate the pads touchscreen into the dash. Charging the device while offering music, nav, and eco car settings/dashboard would be really cool

  • Sony Playstation should create an app with in-app ads that let users chat with other users in real-time, get updates on their favorite games, and more, just as they do on the PS store.

  • Subway – Use the touchscreen to build your own sandwich with whatever toppings you want.

  • I would really like to see how a brand like Facebook would create an app that combines mobile advertisement and charity. For example, Facebook can team up with companies right now to create and host interactive touchscreen optimized ads that would reach certain target audiences. For every click or “Like” Facebook and that company could donate $1 to say the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief fund and at the same time, Facebook and the companies being hosted by Facebook to run their ads can gain a positive public image but also brand exposure to sell their products through and interactive touchscreen mobile interface. Win Win for everybody!

  • AzzA

    I know in Jack in the Box u can use touch screen to make your order…
    I think places like In n Out should make an app where you can order the meals right into your phone and do the pickup delivery…

  • Ryanlongenecker

    I think I would be great to have interactive advertisement from a jones soda app to send in pictures and vote on what goes on their bottles. You could team jones soda with instagram.

  • Microsoft’s Zune music service or Apple Itunes could have a banner featuring a famous or new artist and their latest hit song, with the phrase “Click here to listen to the entire track for free!”

    Who doesn’t want to listen to a complete song that interests them? It shouldn’t require them to create a login before listening. Once they are on the site, and they can see all that is available, I’m sure a large number of people will sign up for the Zunepass subscription service, or buy that song / album.

  • Guido Sanchez

    One of the greatest nerd card game manufacturers is Looney Labs, makers of all the Fluxx varieties (zombie, Eco, stoner, Monty python, etc), Chrononauts, and a few other card games. The thrust of Fluxx is that the rules constantly change, as does the goal, based on the cards played pm the table. For this reason, it’s accessible and fun for most people. Chrononauts is a card game where you can fix time travel screw-ups and literally recreate history like wars, assassinations, etc.

    With that, I think there’s two great opportunities to advertise. For Fluxx, first the ads can be tied into the themed games (for example, plenty of zombie apps and popularity). The ads could be mini games, where you can touch a rule or goal ad on the screen and see if you can meet the objective (can be done in 10 seconds or less). For Chrononauts, the ads can be timelines that we are all familiar with, but when you touch on a spot (such as developing the atomic bomb) it will transform the whole timeline and lead users to want to learn more (and thus buy / play the game).

  • I’d like to see how these things work !

  • It would be awesome If Mcdonalds delivered and you could order straight from smartphone/Tablet via an app.
    The app would include breakfast and dinner(depending on the time) and you can order from a Big & Tasty to a Deluxe breakfast. It would also be really cool if they had like another window for desserts like Ice cream cones, sundaes and the famous Mcflurry. You could also pick what size the meal would be be or ice cream that you want and drinks as well. Overall It might cost a lot but I think it would take off sooner rather than later for Md’s.

  • American Red Cross could come up with an app that displays the latest place of disaster and need for help. How to get to the place of disaster, and details of what area need the most help and most supplies. According to that people can assign themselves and go forward to moving to that disaster area and helping out and have it self update on the map so that others will no where to go next, etc.

  • It would be nice to see something like a lunch finder app that can show all the meal deals going on at places like schlotzsky’s, Subway, McDonald’s, etc. The app should also pull down Internet coupons which are usable via smartphone.

  • Jimjk1968

    Just like Nike… create an app that would ask company’s like motorola to unlock bootloaders and they would “just do it” ! of course it would be free!

  • Malavd

    It would be great to have an application which can list all food in a nearby area by food type (Indian, Italian etc..) and the ability to place the order of what you want to eat via the app; so you would not have to go through all the food sites to place your order on

  • Shahidmj1

    my i phone 3G is not updating its map locations, plz anyone could help me to solve this problem

  • Pamela

    When buying hair color at the store. I would like to be able to contact the company (Clairol, etc.) by text or jagtag to help me choose the right color for my needs (cover roots, cover gray, etc.)

  • Uglyeuggie

    Burton snowboards could take advantage of touchscreens by having an interactive ad. It could be a snowboarding game where by getting a higher score, reaching a certain level, etc.. would unlock discounts, free swag, or locations of secret sales.

  • Shahidmj1

    so you are a beautition, but i need someone who could help me solving this problem

  • Joegkushner

    For all Drive Throughts, have touch screens that confirm the order as you go through. Eliminates the possible error of the order taker not paying attention, not passing on the order, etc… and allows you to customize your order in one shot. Have the screen make suggestions based on what you’re picking out in real time with advertisem…ents on the bottom to indicate specials.

  • I’m an IT Professional and would really make a lot of good use of an Ipad. Maybe get into programming apps for it.

  • Ddeshane

    Subway – Use the touchscreen to Make and order your own sandwich, Mickey D’s with all the cool apps so kids could even do it !! Directions with apps and even delivery from these places, that would be even cooler !!

  • Jetboy22

    If you could buy pizza straight from your iPad !

  • RMH3

    Well, since the contest says advertising rather than actual apps, I’m assuming they’re going for something interactive while an ad is playing. I’m thinking something that shows actual prices and specifics like sizes and colors available during a video ad for Target or a department/clothing/electronics/hardware store in a pop-up if you touch on a specific item while the ad is playing. Then it could link directly to the item on their their website if the popup itself is tapped. That would certainly be convenient, and combine clickthru and viewer advertising in one, although it’s mostly applicable for ads that show a variety of items.

  • DecentAlien

    It would be nice if iPad would be installed with artificially intelligent electronic computer module – I mean K.I.T.T from Knight Rider….. think about it…. –
    “K.I.T.T I need you to give me background information on X” K.I.T.T scans google,facebook,twitter,myspace….. and web and creates a profile
    “K.I.T.T record the tv show for me and send it the living hall tv, while you are at it, make sure heat and lights turned off at home”
    “K.I.T.T what are my odds of being from an alien planet and having super powers?” k.i.t.t – “lamo!! you wish!! what do you want superpowers for? so that you can grab another pizza without having to get up the couch?”

  • An app idea: I love Target. I think it’d be fun if there were an app/ad that the user could use a photo of herself in a specific pose and then you can dress up the photo in different Target clothes, sort of a virtual shopper so you can see how different outfits would look or mix (kind of a paper doll idea)
    This could work with any clothing/shoe retailer.
    Another brand I like is Victoria’s Secret. A lot of times I want to see what an outfit looks like on all sides, so the ability to “twirl” a clothing model around to see all angles would be nice.

    For video ads: Choose your own adventure. For example, An ad for Disneyland, you can have your avatar move around the screen and do different rides or meet different characters. So each “commercial break” your video won’t advance until your little man takes a ride, or learns about where your water might have been bottled (pepsi).

    Also, here’s a fun little ad inspired game application idea but I’m not entirely sure how to pull it off. A virtual pet that “grows” each time you watch an ad or participate in an ad, so you’re rewarded with a bigger healthier digital furry (that lives on your iPad in his own app) So you can play with him all the time and if you want him to learn new tricks or get new things you have to wait for the next ad or find the next ad. There could be forums and user generated photo albums and silly dress up contests people could enter their little pets in. Clearly this idea needs some polish, but it’d be a fun way to keep people coming back to ads. Could be a fun promotion for PetCo or Geiko – iono, some company that has an animal mascot.

    Also just in general, if there’s going to be an ad on the screen all the time, I’d like it to tell me something useful, like the weather, or how much CPU is available, a word of the day, a quick fact, perhaps a small fast fact about the item that I wouldn’t have otherwise known.
    Also, short attention span, so keep video ads shorter than 15 seconds, otherwise I get annoyed at the product and start to dislike it.

  • PFiles

    I could use a touchscreen to virtually ad toppings to whatever pizza I want at Dominos and click and order it.

  • With COCA COLA, they could leverage their happiness truck idea with a touchscreen OS. Have a happiness truck go out on screen for the half minute that the ad is on. The player/ad viewer uses his fingers to catch all the stuff being ejected from the van, the quickest finger obviously catching more loot. The more he/she shakes the phone (what with so many users having accelerometer-enabled phones these days) the more stuff falls out. Literally a game in an ad. Based on the amount of stuff that the user catches, the points calculated decide that day’s winner. When the tallies are done, the day’s winner gets a promo code or an app for his/her platform – like an iOS app or android market app – so that increases everyone’s desire to not just play the ad but also to go looking for it on Google i.e. actively search leading to more indirect advertising.

    I’d go with BMW as one of my other favorite brands. Now with a car brand, the ad could surface whenever you’re looking for reviews of a car they want to buy. At such a time, pop up an ad that lets you replace, add or take away parts to configure a BMW.. car enthusiasts will gladly do it for the fun of it even if they’re looking for another brand initially. Include some parts or paint option or decals that can be selected via this ad but not via the usual website with a significant discount. Make it all really intuitive via the touch screen interface where you can drag and drop stuff onto or remove options from the vehicle. When they’re done give them the option to send this or save this to an account on the manufacturer’s site with a significant discount for 1 out of every 3 or 4 people who see this ad. What this will do is get people talking about the ad on the net and folks interested in car purchases will start looking for the ad since you can get a discount.

    The other way is to give incentives when you reveal day by day clues about a new exciting product that people have to guess at. Similar to what DROID did when they released the DROID R2D2 or star wars edition. This again gets people involved in the hunt for clues and hence better product/brand recognition.

  • apg3467

    I choose GE (General Electric company).

    Being a pre-medical student, I think it would be amazing if GE could use a tablet to integrate their machinery with healthcare. For instance, after a patient receives an x-ray, the doctor would then be able to hold the tablet over the area of the patient that was just scanned and be able to show them a realtime video with the x-ray image superimposed, using the tablets camera and the x-ray taken. This would be especially useful if the patient has broken their arm, since the doctor could show the patient exactly where and how the bone is fractured, by allowing the tablet to be a “third eye”, instead of just being able to show them on a screen. In a sense, the tablet could act as a realtime video rendering system using data and the tablet’s camera to help benefit patient care.

  • Chris

    An ap that intergrates concierge facilities with your Ipad, ability to book ro check availability for shows, restaurants, allow all this to contribute to existing rewards programs giving more back to the user.

  • How about an Old Navy App that would allow you to chose how their commercials flow and end on TV. You get to preview your changes and maybe, just maybe, see your commercial on TV.

  • Redbox – I think it would be cool to integrate advertising with an app. Redbox is always giving away free codes – why not have an online kiosk where touch screen users can watch a movie preview and have a chance to win a free movie at the end?

  • As a homeowner thinking about doing his own renovations, it would be great for companies like Home Depot, IKEA, or Lowes to have an app to help visualize the job. A tablet’s larger screen would be ideal for dragging and dropping hardwood floors, furniture, paint colors, etc. into a 3D representation of your space. To make money from this, the app would integrate the company’s inventory and even make recommendations. When the 3D mock-up is done, the app can either order the items or send the list to the printer.

  • H.S.A
    Home Screen Advertisement
    iPhone iPad iPod-Touch
    After 5 seconds of inactivity an advertisement would appear for the remaining amount of time before the phone enters Standby mode. With that phone companies would have to limit Standby mode to 10 seconds so that they can allow 5 seconds of inactivity and 5 seconds of Advertisement. In the advertisement give the consumer the power to continue on to the next if what they see doesn’t interest them. Once they click on the next advertisement it would refresh for another five seconds and so on until there is no activity. Also add the app in the menu where they can use it to browse through advertisement. Now with the advertisement we would have to advertise to the specific consumer who carries the phone. As we all now know Facebook has a large database of what consumer’s like and enjoys. If you were able to link the advertisement to the consumer’s Facebook account and go by there “Likes, Age, Sex & Ethic/Race” so they would only receive advertisement that are advertised toward the consumer. It’s really simple and easy it’s also a plus for the wireless company to make extra money by providing these services to the companies that wish to advertise. For instance you can use the pay per click system where each advertisement is run for 2 ½ seconds for $1.00, but it’s only deducted if the user clicks the advertisement. But if a company seeks the whole time of seconds to them, for instance a video advertisement with no sound (which can be done) that runs 5 seconds now you would charge them $3.00 per click.
    When you think about it, it’s Simple, Easy and Do-Able
    If Interested In Learning More Contact Me

  • A Rhapsody advertisement where your able to use 2 onscreen turntables and mix songs in realtime

  • it would be cool if our friends at admob/google sent christmas presents (nexus devices,tablets,e readers, or chrome notebooks) to a random selection of users in the 90th percentile of click throughs of ads on the android platform.surely it wouldn’t be outside their means (see Cr 48 Pilot).currently i never think of clicking ads,ever,they should consider giving a cut to the most profitable of the bunch

  • Darlene Bouchard

    Nike ‘s catalog of products is huge and they have lots of people that buy a ton of their stuff and are really loyal to the brand. This would be an ap that would be useful for the consumer and Nike would sell a whole lot of merchandise through it. Win win.

    Here’s how it’d work: lets pretend that you see someone wearing some swanky Nike shoes that you’d love to get your hands on, but don’t recognize. You take a picture with your iPad of the shoes, pants, hat, whateva and the ap that could tell you not just what they are, but a short history of the item (like when they were made, or if they were featured in an commercial with a celebrity you could watch it), and direct you to where you can buy it either online or in a store. Or if you wanted to get them right then and there, it would pull up a map that shows you all the stores near you where you can. Of course you’d want to know how it looks on you too, so they should have an avatar of you (based on your measurements and all) and suggest other things to go great with it.

  • My favorite brand is Adobe, but more specifically Photoshop. My idea has unfortunately and fortunately already become a reality. It’s unfortunate because it literally just came out and I had this idea for a while. However I’m not too sad because now I have something to look forward to when I finally do have an iPad. But, anyway my idea was that they make a tablet and smartphone app that allows you to use the full power of Photoshop CS5. So you can basically finger paint, edit your photos, photo manipulate, etc. All on a touch screen. And there could be like a bunch of brushes you can use to get real precise and everything. I’m not sure what the one that just came out is capable of, but I hope it’s capable of all that I said.

  • Shipp_82

    Brand: Matrix Salon
    Ad: A downloadable application allowing the user to apply virtual hairstyles to their own picture, get advice from a virtual hairstylist, get prices, appointment times and directions to stylist, get appoimtment notification and virtual picture sent directly to user’s cellphone.

  • My favorite place is Kroger’s. I wish they had an app for their advertising so I could lose the paper ads and e-mails and just get it on my phone. Would make shopping a whole lot easier.

  • Nessa

    The old ad slogan for the yellow pages….”let your finges do the walking and driving for that matter with high gas prices” I would so appreciate and app that allowed me to load my favorite stores with their own search engine. I could comparison prices shop and also know if my product was in stock. This would ultimately lower prices because competitors would try to offer overall lowest prices to “get you in” their stores.

  • Amph327

    My favorite brand would be a flyer promoting daily to subscribers encouragement for the day. The subscriber would be able to choose the type of encouragement from a certain category. They would be able to hear the music that fits also in the background with the ability to writ how they feel on that day and how the words or picture of encouragement made their day better. I look for this sometime but there’s never one that does all. You would also be able to make it as tour profile picture.

  • Ziggyeye

    Milk brand. You could make a Got Milk ad with touch screen to make milk mustaches.

  • one of my favorite brands is Wegmen’s, for them to advertise using touch screens on smart phones and tablets they could have the ad show up on pages or apps that show the distance the phone is from the nearest Wegmens store. The user can click on the ad and a will show a map of direction to get there. as well as a click on the store (end of directions) which will allow users to virtually walk the actual whole store and tour the store by dragging their fingers across the screen. To make features better there would be access to download an app to virtually walk the store and put items into a virtual basket. So that when you get to the store it will provide you with a map to get in and out of the store the quickest, or do a pay over internet and pick up at store for a fee.

  • Chris Seamster

    Ordering pizza. Use touch screen to place various toppings.

  • Jared

    Nike. Imagine if they created an online circuit for runners/trainers allowing people to “Check in” to gyms or running trails in advance. This way if people were looking for a partner or two to run or workout with, they would be set. Imagine the networking potential and relationship building potential – after all, how often do you wish you had a gym-partner to help spot, motivate or train with you??? Make it happen!

  • LuxeTical

    My favorite brand is Nike. My favorite product from Nike are shoes and since Nike has so many different lines of shoes, there’s always a new product to check out. The obvious is to have an Ad say “tap here to see the new product”, but Nike also offers a special service, NikeID.
    Whenever Nike adds a New Shoe that can be customized their ad can say “Make your shoe one of a kind, download the App to start customizing”. The link will then take you to their already existing App in the Appstore where you can customize your shoe.
    This not only advertises their company and services, it also advertises their App and Apple’s Appstore.

  • Netflix! Everyone loves Netflix, especially since Netflix is making its way to smartphones now. I’ve seen some (boring) Netflix ads, but my idea would be to have some sort of interactive interface where you could select and read about some of the most popular movies, watch trailers that allow you to rewind/pause/fast forward, and even add those movies to your queue, at which point you will be prompted to subscribe to a Netflix plan. Something along those lines.

  • Greg Lichtman

    The medical world is hungry for touch screens. Medicine is confusing, at times even for doctors but in particular for patients. Everyday, patients are diagnosed with various illness and instructed by their doctor to take a medication. However, the vast majority of patients do not understand their illness let alone the medication they are taking to combat it. Enter the utility of a touch screen. A doctor diagnoses a patient with diabetes and prescribes him or her the appropriate medicine. He/she then hands them an ipad supplied by the pharmaceutical company preloaded with a brief tutorial of their illness and how the medicine works to fight it. In the ever competitive pharmaceutical industry, such direct patient access is simply unheard of. Doctor’s offices will run more efficiently, patients will understand their illnesses better, medication compliance will in turn be higher, pharmaceutical companies will profit and most importantly, people will be healthy…everybody wins 🙂

  • Greg Lichtman

    The medical world is hungry for touch screens. Medicine is confusing, at times even for doctors but in particular for patients. Everyday, patients are diagnosed with various illness and instructed by their doctor to take a medication. However, the vast majority of patients do not understand their illness let alone the medication they are taking to combat it. Enter the utility of a touch screen. A doctor diagnoses a patient with diabetes and prescribes him or her the appropriate medicine. He/she then hands them an ipad supplied by the pharmaceutical company preloaded with a brief tutorial of their illness and how the medicine works to fight it. In the ever competitive pharmaceutical industry, such direct patient access is simply unheard of. Doctor’s offices will run more efficiently, patients will understand their illnesses better, medication compliance will in turn be higher, pharmaceutical companies will profit and most importantly, people will be healthy…everybody wins 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Sports leagues, especially the NBA, are having a hard time selling tickets. Ticket sellers (leagues or sites like stubhub) could show local stadium layouts with available seats for the next game highlighted, tap the seat and instantly see pricing with an option to go directly to the site for purchase.
    I wasn’t going to say this because I hate Walmart but they could show a competitors price for an item and have the user “rollback” the ad to see Walmarts price!

  • Anonymous

    Sports leagues, especially the NBA, are having a hard time selling tickets. Ticket sellers (leagues or sites like stubhub) could show local stadium layouts with available seats for the next game highlighted, tap the seat and instantly see pricing with an option to go directly to the site for purchase.
    I wasn’t going to say this because I hate Walmart but they could show a competitors price for an item and have the user “rollback” the ad to see Walmarts price!

  • Dylan Smith

    During these pressing economic times, we are all looking for the most inexpensive gasoline. I believe that if Shell, or any gas provider for that matter, had an app for touch screen cell phones, it would be very profitable to their business. The app would be GPS enabled if the user wanted it to be and would allow you to look up up-to-date gas prices, how many pumps, if they have air/vacuums, and user reviews on how busy they are during what hours and how easy it is to get back on the road. You would be getting the gas prices you want and that gas provider is still getting you to buy their product.

  • Starbucks would be a great brand to advertise. In an interactive ad for Starbucks, you could be the barista for the day! Various ingredients will be laid out in front of you and you can use your finger to drag espresso to your cup (or even use the phone’s/tablet’s accelerometer to pour it)! Next, with the tap of your finger, pour your favorite flavored syrup and creamer. Then, shake your device like a can of whipped cream and top your concoction with as much as you’d like! And then finally, tilt your device toward your mouth to drink! On the advertisement aspect, it could recommend a similar drink for you to purchase at your nearest Starbucks location, pleasantly displayed on a map.

    • Daniel Perez

      Joshua, please send me an email to asap. You didn’t submit your entry with an email address and I can’t contact you through your Facebook profile. If you don’t get back to me in 5 days, we will proceed to pick another winner.

  • Sam oge

    Jordans sneakers could advertise on smart phones. The home page could have a picture of michael jordan and a menu bar that shows information on the games Jordan played with his various sneakers. Also in the menu could be all the Jordan sneakers and when you click on one you can choose the color you want and the size you want and then you order it.

  • Brand: Gap
    Campaign: Fashion Mix and Match Mobile Giveaway
    Description: Smartphone users see a banner advertisement that promotes the Fashion Mix and Match Mobile Giveaway. User clicks on the banner ad which opens a javascript overlay. The overlay acts as the Fashion Mix and Match game widget. There are four moving components, head, body/shirt, legs/pants, and shoes. The user can use the swipe gesture to mix and match a head, shirt, pants and shoes. Discounts or prizes would be associated with different combinations. Participants could initiate an sms or email be sent to them to redeem their discount/prize.

  • Anonymous

    Carvel Ice Cream/Cold Stone Creamery – Touch screen choices for ice cream flavors and toppings and other types of mixes

  • Clint Richardson

    Preparation H touchscreen questionnaire to see if you have a hairy case of hemorrhoids.

  • Asics, particularly the Onitsuka Tiger series – Integrate a “foot stomp” that leaves an imprint of the shoe on the screen along with the brand name into an application that tracks your runs. I can think of 2 good ones off the top of my head, and the foot stomp itself can be put into the start up screen of the app or, to be more interactive, can serve as a notifier whenever the runner has reached a certain distance mark or speed.

  • Anonymous

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