The Ladies of CTIA 2011 in Orlando, FL

Going to huge tech conventions and conferences like CTIA 2011 is a rough life. You wake up very early every single day to hit meetings, keynotes to live-blog and hot hardware to track down. Then you’re walking a few miles every day as you trek the showroom floor in search of cool new gadgets, accessories and apps. At night, you’re schmoozing with the big companies and your colleagues making sure you’re out late enough that you don’t get more than four hours of sleep for the next day. Oh, and then there are all the ladies.

Yup, it’s tough work when you have to chat up the lovely booth babes who are there to show you around, talk about new products and guide you to where you need to be when you need more info. Real tough. But one can only imagine how tough it must be for them. After all, they’re on their feet for ten or more hours a day chatting up all us tech nerds, and they have to do it all week long with a smile.

So here’s a gallery and video of the ladies who made CTIA 2011 in Orlando, Florida a little more pleasant. These shows just wouldn’t be the same without you!

  • how progressive, it’s nice to see a technology sector which has majority female consumption, transcend female objectivication.

  • Menekegencer

    Bravo. Is this what you believe represents covering mobile? And here I thought mobile could have significant strides to help close the gender issues gap worldwide. Thanks for doing just the opposite. Congrats.

    • Anonymous

      These women are very much a part of big technology conferences. Not only are they hired by exhibitors to be obvious eye-candy, but they’re also generally very knowledgeable about the products they’re endorsing. By dedicating a post to them, I hardly doubt we’re perpetuating any stereotypes or widening the gender gap worldwide. Yours is just a knee-jerk reaction, and all of these women were happy to indulge us for this post.

      • Meneksegencer

        I’m sure you put all their pictures up to highlight their technical prowess. The least you can do is be honest about your intention.

        • Anonymous

          If you’re that sensitive about it, don’t look at them.

          • Meneksegencer

            No problem. I will no longer be reading anything IntoMobile sends out either since it is clear that articles like this undermine what I thought was the mission of your firm.

          • Anonymous

            That’s fine. And the mission of our firm? So you’re trolling here under several account names. Excellent.

  • Menekegencer

    The “Real” women of Wireless:

  • Menekegencer

    The “Real” women of Wireless:

  • Alice T Liu

    Hello Marc. I see you are listed as an “editor”. Really? It would have been one thing to post this on your own FB page or personal blog. As an editor for your firm, however, you should not only be reviewing content for relevance but keeping to the mission of your firm. The About IntoMobile description says:

    “IntoMobile delivers breaking news, information, and analysis on the latest mobile phones and mobile technology.”

    This was not breaking news, information, or analysis. Tell me how the gallery of photos qualifies as such.

    • Anonymous

      Read my post first. You saw the pictures, the headline and then you jumped straight in here to comment. These women are a part of every large technology convention, whether it’s CES, MWC or CTIA. Often, they’re not recognized at all for the effort they put into these shows — yes, it’s actually a very tough gig for them — and they’re sometimes the victims of sexual harassment at these shows.

      Prior to filming and photographing these women, we made it very clear what we were doing and why we’re filming/photographing them. Not a single lady had any objection and were more than happy to oblige. Nearly all of them gave us their e-mail addresses so that they could be notified when their pictures and video were published.

      This post is simply to recognize these women who are often treated as being disposable at electronics conventions. If the fact that they happen to be attractive is offensive to you, don’t read these posts. Then again, you probably didn’t read the content, anyway.

      • Alice T Liu

        I did read your post Marc. It’s just not convincing. When you write about mens’ accomplishments do you show 30 bare-chested photos of the men?

        You mentioned something about trolling here under different account names. Look us up – we’re different people.

      • nnk

        Marc, am curious as to why you did not include such information (and the comment you made about the women being very knowledgeable on the gadgets/tech they are advertising) a main component of your post. I think that could have showed a more holistic light and also averted some of this negative publicity…but I guess that wasn’t as exciting…

  • MVZ

    Marc is honest is all the hard work that goes into covering these type of conventions that are not shown these beautifull women are just one of the few distractions a dedicated reporter has to put up with in order to accomplish his task. Marc I feel for you, would you trade?

  • Daniel Perez

    Ah, booth babes. No convention would be complete without them. Maybe I’ll get the courage of not feeling like a complete creep any time I go to a convention for ogling for hours on end.

  • Anonymous

    Just as a follow-up to all the comments here:

    I can understand your surprise at seeing this post here, but if you do read IntoMobile with any regularity, you’ll know this is not a first. We also did the same for CES.

    For those of you questioning how this relates to mobile technology and gadgets, you clearly did not read my post. You are just trolling here. We also report on helicopter chases and car thieves simply because maybe a cell phone was used in those stories, but no one ever complains that we aren’t reporting on “real” mobile news.

    And for those of you who are genuinely offended, I hope you never have to set foot in a large electronics convention. The minute you see any of these ladies – and they are everywhere – you might find yourself running out of the convention in sheer panic and disgust.

  • God, you’re such a perv, Marc.

    • Anonymous

      Le sigh. Haha.

    • Daniel Perez

      Agreed. Total perv.

  • Chrissy

    First, I am a different person entirely, not someone that already commented under another name. Second, you point out that: “These women are a part of every large technology convention, whether it’s CES, MWC or CTIA.” This ubiquity is the real problem, not that you chose to highlight them on your blog. Working in the technology is extremely hard as a woman and this is exactly why – events, conferences, even business dinners are targeted to make men happy (hence, the babes) even when it makes women uncomfortable or and makes it hard for them to stand out as equal professionals. It signals that the culture technology community is still unwelcoming to women on the whole. The fact that neither you, nor many of the men that I work with, can understand this, simply shows how real this problem is.

  • Rodney

    I think that IntoMobile is simply covering the things from events and conferences that many of their readers want to see. Tiffany Hsu of the LA times even points out that the return of the booth models at CES 2011 is a sign of a recovering economy:

    Perhaps the title is misleading. Instead of “Ladies of CTIA” maybe “Booth Models of CTIA” would work better.

    • Tanya

      Many of their readers would prefer NOT reading about it!

  • Adele

    Neanderthal is not extinct! Your attitude is as sexist and misplaced as it is outdated. As a women in mobile I find it offencive. As you insinuate you represent the editorial I would wonder if this is corporate culture or a personal affliction?

  • Karen in SF

    Perhaps CTIA vendors should focus on “sexier” products and services rather than hiring “booth babes” to cover up mediocre innovations…

  • Katherine

    Wow, so intomobile seriously thinks that this is OK ‘journalism’?! Women as eye candy, cute candy floss to promote product. Sure they might know lots about what they’re selling, but that’s not the point. They’re dressed up to appeal sexually to push product. The tech should speak for itself… it makes mobile facile. Sad to see the industry stoop to this level 🙁

  • Dave

    >> This post is simply to recognize these women who are often treated as being disposable

    @marc: Oh please. Yeah you’re coming to their aid. Why don’t you just admit that sex sells so in the absence of anything valuable you put up some T&A to increase your ad revenues.

    @intomobile management: I’ll assume, based on contributions like Marc’s, that your new strategy is to turn your site into another TMZ. Good luck with that but you can count my (high discretionary income and technology/gadget purchasing) eyeballs out of your ad revenue calcs.

  • Teri

    American Political Correctness has gone too far at times. Some of these women are very intelligent and actually enjoy their jobs. It’s true that sex sells. How many products being advertised by a man have you people bought lately?

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