T-Mobile G2 getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread this summer?

We can’t say that we’re surprised, but it sure took a while to hear anything about the availability of Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the T-Mobile G2. Whatever the case, we’re just happy to say that it’s finally happening. According to ComputerWorld, the G2 will be getting the much-wanted update this summer.

While we had very little doubt that the handset would be receiving the Gingerbread treatment, it’s comforting to hear a date, even if it’s terribly vague. A HTC representative spoke with JR Raphael of Android Power, claiming that the T-Mobile G2 is on track to receive the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update sometime in the second quarter of the year. So if you haven’t already installed CyanogenMod 7, or any other Gingerbread custom ROM on your handset, you may be running it by summer time.

Technically speaking, handsets that run vanilla Android, or that have no custom user interface running on top should be easier to update than those that do. The G1, G2, and soon the G2x, all run stock Android, but the G2 has only received one update in its short life, which gave it WiFi calling, and mobile hotspot features. So what gives? With the exception of the T-Mobile applications pre-installed, the T-Mobile G2 is just about as stock Android as you can get.

That said, Android 2.3 was announced in December, and it wasn’t even that long ago before the Nexus One got the update, so whatever is taking HTC so long could be justifiable. Still, it may not be soon enough for some users, as summer will officially begin on June 21st, so we still have a few months before you can expect the update to pop up, and that’s being generous.

Either way, G2 users, you haven’t been forgotten, and will be able to enjoy Gingerbread in due time. That said, who’s getting the G2x?

[Via: ComputerWorld]

  • Good news! I just got a G2, which was a HUGE upgrade, considering I was using a G1 with CM5! I can wait patiently for Gingerbread, considering that I’m still having a blast adapting to my new powerhouse phone. The feature I am most anticipating with 2.3 is enhanced app and power management. I considered waiting for the G2x and then quickly dismissed it. Having no physical keyboard is a huge issue for me.

  • Ghost

    I also have the same issue with the G2x. The whole appeal of the G2 for me was how perfectly the keyboard fit my hands. It was the absolute perfect phone for me. But before I got the G2, I didn’t even own a smart phone. So i was also a Huge upgrade for me and I’ve never had any real issues with the phone. It’s turned off twice and I could only get it back on by taking the battery out and putting it back in, but Only twice. And I’ve had it since November! Well anyway, when I heard about the G2x, I thought it was going to top the G2 so I went into the store take a look at it. I was quite disappointed. It didn’t have the keyboard, or the overall style. Sure the processor is a little bit faster, And the screen is nice, but it just looks like every other android phone. I am ready for gingerbread to come to the G2 because I’ve had it long enough to have gone through all it’s features and it’ll be fun to learn the new version, but I can wait for it.

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