Samsung Intercept for Virgin Mobile Getting Android 2.2 Froyo Soon

Virgin Mobile customers might not have the greatest selection of Android devices available to them, but at least the ones that are in the line-up are being kept up to date. Of course, the update for the Samsung Intercept was promised quite a while back, but better late than never, right?

Samsung Intercept users are apparently getting the following text message:

The Froyo Update for the Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept is finally coming out on Monday the 11th! VMFreeMsg: Starting 4/11/11, you will be notified of a phone software upgrade available for your Intercept. Click for more information.

The link shoots Intercept users over to a page that explains the update in detail, and also highlights the following perks that will come along with it:

  • Exchange Active Sync updates
  • ability to install applications to external memory card
  • improved Bluetooth device support
  • Bluetooth Voice dialing
  • improved operating system performance
  • dedicated phone, application and browser icons on every home screen

So starting today, you should bee seeing the update hit your handset. And if it doesn’t come today, it should be arriving soon, so just be patient!

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • Well I the message on 4/8/11 and as of 4/3/11 I haven’t received it yet. Anyone know how the update is being distributed?

    • Teamnostromo

      By Fedex 😉

  • Jakebake102

    I just called VM they said all intercept users will recive it before th 25 of april. The update is coming out in waves. Its just a matter of time before the waves reach your phone.

  • Howie B

    The upgrade is FANTASTIC. Just got it today (4/20) and I’m a new VM customer, so I didn’t mind the wait. Everything runs smoother. Music apps, video, even Angry Birds (which ran so slow on 2.1 that I deleted it)
    Feels like I have a brand new phone all over again.

  • Jack

    Update on 4/20 in Virginia.

  • ADSF


  • Teamnostromo

    As per Howie B’s comments. Makes the phone smoother/faster and adds options that make the phone more usable. I like the voice to text function but didn’t use it so much to warrant having it on the first screen of my on screen keyboard, I prefer the comma; this update allows for >main keyboard screensymbols screenoff< The GUI is a bit different, icons, colors, etc. The update file is about 43Mb in size, total time for upgrade was about 3.5 mins. Go for it, will only improve your phone.

  • Dan

    Having waited so long for this and called Virgin to be told it’s not available – I worked out how to get it. Just do a factory reset and it will download about 10 minutes after you switch back on. Just remember to back up your contacts!

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