How To: Install Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update on Verizon Droid X

Verizon Motorola Droid X front and back press images

Attention Droid X users: There’s supposedly an OTA update coming to your handset that will give you Android 2.3 Gingerbread powers. While unconfirmed from Verizon at the moment, we can confirm that there is indeed a an update file floating around that will bring your Droid X up to the latest version of Android OS – and we have it.

The update brings the handset up to version 2.3.3, the latest version of Android for phones, and you’ll have a few tweaks throughout. The ROM has yet to be rooted, but that could happen as soon as today. To get to the latest version, you’ll need to be on the stock software, and if you’re not, you need to get back to 2.3.340 before you continue.

According to Computer World, Verizon has said that it is not currently pushing an OTA update. This could mean that this build is not final, and may not be fully cooked, so keep that in mind when flashing. That said, the build will likely be usable enough to be your daily driver.

To manually install Gingerbread on your Droid X, follow along.

We’re going to assume you’re on the stock Droid X ROM 2.3.340, and you take the responsibility if anything goes wrong. So, without further ado:

  1. Download the Gingerbread update file here and rename the file to (if you download the file and the ‘.zip‘ part doesn’t appear, your OS is hiding file extensions. If that is the case, rename the file to update to avoid naming it
  2. Place the file in the root of your microSD card. (Inside no folders)
  3. Power down your phone
  4. Power your phone on by holding Home + Power. When you see the triangle appear, press Search. You are now in the “Recovery” system
  5. Using the volume keys, navigate to the “install” option and flash the file.

There you have it. You’re running on Gingerbread, enjoy!

[Via: Droid-Life, ComputerWorld]





  • Race900

    Walking through the steps above does not work. After renaming the file (, loading on to the SD card going into the recovery screen and installing the update, it locates the file, authenticates then immediately fails. Even after clearing the cache via the recovery screen it still fails. It locates the file, opens the file, then fails. Anyone else have this problem. My DX is not rooted (never was) and the current version is 2.3.340. Any thoughts

    • Paulmoloughney

      Yup. Do not rename it just “update” that’s your problem! Person who wrote article has no clue

      • Xzavier247

        that still doesnt work

        • Anonymous

          hmmm, you might have to wipe your data or clear cache….wiered…..if its not rooted or anything, why don’t you just update over the air?… know your dx can push updates?

          but…then again what do i care….i have a tbolt with non-laggy, efficient, software ūüôā lol….srrry….couldn’t stand motoblur so its gone from ebay…:)

          • Skullmash

            how do u put it on ur sd card? just put it into the box full of files n stuff?

          • Imlalesya

            How do you push updates???? I would really appreciate the info. Thank you.

      • Anonymous

        The update vs. is only applicable if your OS automatically hides file extensions, most of which do not by default. I do have some inkling of a clue. ūüôā

        • damn windows users need to put their helmets on. if they don’t understand windows- they should not be trying to admin their android phones. ;-P

    • Jamese0001

      I had the same issue, my install was aborted.

    • Sigma4ever67

      I’ve tried everything and mine won’t work. Renamed them both update and and nothing

    • Monte

      I was having the same problem so what I did was cleared my cache cleared my data, after I downloaded the file. Then I moved the file to the root if my sdcard and then I extracted the file to the root of my sdcard powered down my phone powered it back up by holding the home and power key. Used the volume rocker to select apply and pushed the camera button and it worked. Oh yes I renamed it

      • Zickywoo

        How do you clear your cache and data?

  • Jesse023990

    Does this wipe data?

  • Scott

    Question. Will this stop future OTA updates?

    • Trhcleary

      I have the same question.

  • Snrdos

    Dont be in a hurry to get this. My phone was stock and now it has charging issues and my phone is hanging a lot. I dont even have my cover on because I have to pull my battery all the time. I am trying to go back to group until the ota official release.

  • i cant get the update to install

    • Ministerj1978

      i cant either did you figure it out

  • guest

    This worked for me after renaming to “update”. Once it installed it rebooted with Gingerbread OS and retained my apps, all of my data and my screens are still formatted as they were before. I have been waiting for GB and it seems to work great!

  • followed instructions…installed AOK…verified 2.3.3

  • Rtrzepizur

    WOW it’s works. Love GB already. Thanks

  • Diggle

    does this root the phone?

  • Robsams82

    Upgrade complete and loving it!

  • hatzgb

    update went fine, but when the phone reboots…it locks or goes black. Battery cycled several times…no go any suggestions

    • Vahawkins11

      I have the same problem! Did you get it fixed if so how? Please!

  • Djinn

    Ok So I got this running really painlessly with the instructions above. Now has anyone gotten this image rooted on the Droid X?

  • Bud Howard

    After a day with GB, the only things negative I have to report are:
    1. Sync icon seems to be stuck on in the notification tray.
    2. Lost my speed dials.
    3. Under settings, trying to calibrate compass doesn’t seem to work, never calibrates, but location services seem fine.
    4. BT icon shows black on gray when connected to a device, instead of BT blue.

    • Xzfiud

      To fix it. Go into stock recovery andclearcache if that didn’t work factory skype would solve that problem it did for me

    • Xzfiud

      To fix it. Go into stock recovery andclearcache if that didn’t work factory skype would solve that problem it did for me

  • Monte

    I’m in love with this already, battery life has improved and everything. And now moto blur actually has a little blur animation tho it. It looks great can’t wait for the moto bionic. I love this ui I internet is faster too . Wifi works better also I I’m telling whoever doesn’t have it you’ll love it its great.

  • Paul

    Worked fine, like the new look. Took a couple of minutes in install and was stuck on the red eye for what seemed like over a minute on reboot, but it finally completed and I was able to change a Dock icon to Gmail.

  • Mark Grewell

    Sweet, nice, like it a lot. Things load faster and the battery seems much better! Thanks.

  • Demo5757

    No working for me what i’m I doing wrong???
    –Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    .Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    Installing update…
    Verifying current system…
    assert failed: apply_patch_check(“MTD:boot:41943
    E:Error in /sdcard/

    • Trhcleary

      I’m having the exact same problem.

      • I had the same issue.¬† I deleted the from the sd card.¬† Went back to the file on my computer and rightclick-> properties.¬† In there I saw something about the file being blocked or something due to being downloaded from an unknown source.¬† I clicked the unblock button and loaded it back to the root directory of the sd card and reloaded phone and tried again and it worked.¬† Not sure if the “unblock” thing actually had anything to do with it or if maybe the first time I transferred the file to my phone it didn’t transfer correctly.¬† But after that it worked just fine. ¬†

        • Trhcleary

           Will try this. Stand by.

        • Trhcleary

          Failed again.

        • Moises Maldonado3210

           did just as you said and its not working. im running stock droid x and using a map

  • Lou

    So far so good. Sync icon won’t disappear, dialing by pressing phone #’s in txt msg or in browser does not work. Otherwise, I like it. I hope I can update to latest once it releases. hotspot feature was on, need to try it out.

  • running this for 24 hours now. works great.

    • Ksupowercat13

      please help me get this on my phone.

  • Ksupowercat13

    i did exactly as it says, but when i get to the install it says the file does not exist

    • Ksupowercat13

      please someone help!

  • Nahanjar_abadi_00

    I renamed it to “update” and “” and i placed them in root of SD. when I rebooted the phone, there was no file to install. there was just: apply sdcard:update.zid and when i pushed, it didn`t work.

  • Joesnuffie

    This has completely bricked my Droid X. The OS locks within minutes of loading, the home screen flashes over and over, and apps that manage to run force close and I can no longer get into the “Recovery” system because hitting the search button does nothing. Any ideas?

    • Joesnuffie

      Well I got into the bootloader by pressing both volume buttons at the same time rather than the search button. I was able to ‘reset’ to factory settings and the phone no longer hang and it appears that my installed apps are still there and working – so far anyway. I am assuming that one or more of the apps on the desktop was causing the hangup. Maybe the calendar or clock / weather widget.

  • Steve Knox

    “Download the¬†Gingerbread update file here¬†and rename the file to¬†¬†(if you download the file and the ‚Äė.zip‚Äė part doesn‚Äôt appear, your OS is hiding file extensions. If that is the case, rename the file to¬†update¬†to avoid naming it the file in the root of your microSD card. (Inside no folders)Power down your phonePower your phone on by holding¬†Home + Power. When you see the triangle appear, pressSearch. You are now in the ‚ÄúRecovery‚ÄĚ systemUsing the¬†volume keys, navigate to the ‚Äúinstall‚ÄĚ option and flash the file.
    There you have it. You‚Äôre running on Gingerbread, enjoy!”
    I did this on a mac
    This is exactly what i did, it took 5 min

    Now i need to downgrade back to stock Froyo 2.2.2 
    i’m sending it in for replacement
    i cannot find out how, some say it cannot be done on a Mac,
    i have spent 3hrs searching these forums and now i’m more confused than when i started

    sknoxxDownload the¬†Gingerbread update file here¬†and rename the file to¬†¬†(if you download the file and the ‚Äė.zip‚Äė part doesn‚Äôt appear, your OS is hiding file extensions. If that is the case, rename the file to¬†update¬†to avoid naming it
    Place the file in the root of your microSD card. (Inside no folders)
    Power down your phone
    Power your phone on by holding¬†Home + Power. When you see the triangle appear, pressSearch. You are now in the ‚ÄúRecovery‚ÄĚ system
    Using the¬†volume keys, navigate to the ‚Äúinstall‚ÄĚ option and flash the file.There you have it. You‚Äôre running on Gingerbread, enjoy!”I did this on a macThis is exactly what i did, it took 5 minNow i need to downgrade back to stock¬†Froyo¬†2.2.2¬†i’m sending it in for replacementi cannot find out how, some say it cannot be done on a Mac,i have spent 3hrs searching these forums and now i’m more confused than when i startedhelpsknoxx

    • Maybe I’m not understanding your post correctly but it sounds like you are trying to reset your phone back to stock froyo before you send it back to Verizon.¬† Have you tried doing a Factory reset on your phone to see if this will reset it back?¬† Here’s how:

      Note: This will remove all your installed apps and data.  I am not 100% sure if this will revert back to Froyo or just leave you with a stock Gingerbread phone.  Good luck.

    • Just found that doing a factory reset on Gingerbread is slightly different.¬† Use these steps to perform a factory reset:

      1) Power off phone
      2) Power phone back on by holding the power button and the Home button at the same time.
      3) Once the screen with the Triangle comes up, let go of the home+power button and press both the volume up and down buttons at the same time.  This should bring up the menu.
      4) Use the Volume buttons to navigate to the Factory reset and hit the power button to continue.

      The power button will function as your “enter key” during this process, seems strange, not sure why they changed it.

    • gues

      I think that backing up the that came with the clockworkmod app would be a good idea. Then if you have to switch back just use the same process as to install gingerbread.

    • Bmitsvahcrasher

      I have a mac and I have no problem putting the file on my Droid X but I’m not sure what you guys mean by having the boot up not in the folder. ¬†I have the folder “Blur_Version” in my files

  • mr.Kings

    The root of the sd card is where all the folders are?
    Can i update it using rom’s app? Or any other app? Whats over the air?
    Anyone has an answer? If so, please reply, damn it.

    • Over the air (OTA) is Verizon’s way of pushing this update to your phone over 3G/wireless.¬† When they are ready to officially release Gingerbread to all Droid X user’s you will be able to update by going to : Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates (if it doesn’t automatically download the update to your phone) and you will be able to download the new 2.3 Gingerbread OS over the air.¬† Currently this has not been officially released yet so the only way to run Gingerbread on your droid X would be to load an unofficial release version such as the one available on this page to your phone and update it manually.¬†

      I am not sure what “rom’s app” is since I have not used it.¬† But the easiest way to update your phone would be to download the file linked in the above article to your computer and rename it to “” (keep in mind the notes in the above article so you don’t name it “” on accident).¬† Once downloaded, plug in your phone using a USB cable that plugs into your phone and your PC’s USB port.¬† Once the phone is plugged into the PC, you should see the little “USB connection” icon in your phones notification bar.¬† Drag down the notification bar and select it to open the settings.¬† In the settings you should see “PC Mode”, select that.¬† Then on the computer (assuming you have windows) you can click on the start menu and click on “My Computer” (or simply labeled “Computer” in windows 7 /vista). You should see your phone device pop up in the list of devices (It may take a moment to show up while your computer is recognizing the new device).¬† Double click on your phone in the list of devices and it will take you to a new window where it’ll have your phone’s SD card listed as a storage device.¬† Click on this to open the SD storage and you should be right at the Root folder of the SD card.¬† Find where you saved the “” that you downloaded from this site and copy/paste it to the Root directory of the SD card.¬† Once copied you will want to power off the phone and follow the steps #4 and #5 from the above article to finish.

      Note: this may be a windows 7 / Vista thing but when I downloaded the zip file I had to right-click on the file and go to “properties” and click on “unblock” before I loaded it to the SD card in order for it to open correctly on my phone.¬† If you go to the file properties and don’t see any “unblock” button in the general tab just ignore this part and move on.

    • Canthony1019

      Yes the root is where all the main folders are.
      You can update from the rom manager app
      OTA or (over the air) means it was sent out by verizons network straight to our phone so you dont have to do the manual update with a computer.

  • BottleOfSyrup

     Is it possible to revert back to Froyo after doing this without losing an apps, texts, etc.?

  • Zach Boon

     works, awesome, and amazing!

  • mr.Kings

    Thanks everybody…i updated my droid x in the glimpse of an eye,…. easy..its working great the new firmware… piece of cake!!!thank u..

  • BlueStar

     Works Great, no issues as of yet, took about 5 minutes or so. Thanks!

  • Funkdud

    Followed the steps…took 5 minutes. All of my apps and settings were still there. Have never hacked or messed with my phone at all and this was a breeze! Looks great & runs great! Thanks man!

  • Psc653

    Do I have to decompress the file to put it on the SD card?

  • Charlieb98

    what do i do if my phone wont turn on

  • Charlieb98


  • rayray

    this is sooo nice.  much better than 2.2.  thanks 

  • Jeremy H

    is this version .588 or .591. Need to know in order to put ROM on.

  • Planzone

    I was also curious of which version of blur.. Hoping it is 4.5.595

  • DroydMonger

    When you go to download it – it shows Motorola blur 2.3.340 which is stock froyo !
    can anyone confirm besides hwo to copy to an sdcard. .if you have to ask how you should not be modding your phone ūüôā

  • Jose Rodriguez

    I just updated my droid x and can say AWESOME!!! It fixed my wifi problem and blur is better than other one. Thanks man!

  • Daniel

    Thanks sum great simple directions

  • zebra1212

    I have also heard that if you have vers .588, NON ROOTED you can install the final OTA on top of GB .588 and i have nothing to worry about, just wait till the OTA hits my phone.

    So don’t accept the ota vers. because i would need to go back to froyo so if i d/l it, i can install on top of GB .588?
    See too much info here i’m lost i did hear some say if it’s non rooted just flash over it, and i can do it on my Mac

    Does this mean i have nothing to worry about, i always over worry

    ii want to root it, but i can worry about that later. 

    And yes i would like to root it, but all the posts and info here can be overwhelminng.

    I hope someone can make sense to a person with an ADD problem?

  • John

    how do i rename the file

  • Michael Utterback

    AAHHHHH!!! Give ME back my old nitification bar and bottom menu!!!!  New ons is sooo ugly!  =(

  • Jo57652007

    Thank you for this update! Simple as pie!

  • This is a very simple and easy to do update. Thank you for sharing this update with the rest of us. God bless you!

  • Phanimadivala

    Can I flash this ROM on my XT720 (India)????

  • Phanimadivala

    Can I flash this ROM on my XT720 (India)????

  • Robertearly33

    Got the ota update yesterday its great so far noticed I get wifi hotpot even though im not subscribed don’t know if its free any answers

  • Rafagagm

    hello I have the motorola droid x where in mexico (company Iusacell)  I see the file say somthing about verizon you know if y will get problems if i make this update

  • Jooshadow


    • Bluenickelz

      what happened to it!? mine turns on and then i can see the apps, but then i can only see the notification bar and the time is frozen and all i can do it turn off the screen on and off. i can’t even turn it off unless i take out the battery… what’s yours doing??

      • Bluenickelz

        nevermind! sorry. i just had to reset it. works amazingly now. sorry. i hope everything works out for you. what is yours doing though?

  • Jooshadow


  • Bluenickelz

    awesome! amazing! thank you!

  • Melinda A Lester

    I’m trying to put this on my phone and can’t figure out what to rename it or where to put it…I know it may make me seem stupid but i’m trying everything….PLEASE HELP ME!

    • Callmewhatever

      Me too… thanks

  • Callmewhatever


  • MoJoe

    You tha man! Thanks. It worked real good before now its even better!

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