Website offers iPhone unlock remotely, no jailbreaking required!

For iPhone owners who want total carrier freedom, the only solution so far has been to jailbreak one’s device and unlock it. Of course, there is also another huge limitation, and that’s the software version an iPhone owners is running, too, since iOS updates tend to break and disable unlock hacks. However, a number of websites are offering iPhone unlocking services remotely, but the price is pretty hefty.

iPhone hacker MuscleNerd says the following:

they’re not using a hack. They’re using actual access to the Apple database (which is why the unlock happens through iTunes)

MacRumors reports:

Cut Your Sim was the first to gain attention for the service, charging $169.99 for a device unlock. The site does, however, appear to be working through a third party to perform the unlocking rather than performing it directly themselves. Several other sites (1, 2, 3) are offering similar services priced in the $170-$180 range. It is unclear, however, whether they are operating independently or if they are all working with the same party that has decided to offer the service to various storefronts while remaining silent behind the scenes.

It’s definitely pricy, but it should act as a permanent unlock if the IMEI is in Apple’s unlocked iPhone devices list. Of course, once this thing really becomes huge, Apple will undoubtedly find a way to get rid of the practice and make sure no one takes advantage of this exploit. So if you’re looking to unlock your device, and you don’t mind spending upwards of the cost of a new, subsidized iPhone, you should get on this now!

If you decide to jump on this opportunity to free yourself from your carrier’s grasp, feel free to let us know how it went. The price is a bit steep, but as an unlock solution without jailbreaking, it might be worth it to those who plan on jumping from carrier to carrier, or country to country, while hanging onto the same device. Or for those who plan on reselling them at outrageous prices.

[Via: MacRumors]

  • Guess1

    Hi, I bought this service last Tuesday from, today in the morning I received the email from them saying that the IMEI was successfully registered as factory unlocked. I did a restore to the lastest firmware version and guess what, during the activation process it activated with my sim card (not officially AT&T sim card) and also I was able to get signal from my provider. The service worked as expected, it cost me $185.

  • Clarke

    I bought the service from Cut Your Sim last week as soon as I saw the story. When I received the confirmation email, I synced with iTunes and received the “Congratulations!” message that my phone was unlocked. Works with any sim card now. Cost me $170, added to the cost of my iPhone 3GS (eBay $400) came out to about the cost of a factory unlocked on eBay. Actually, my iPhone was replaced with a brand new one from the Apple Store because of a battery issue since it was still under warranty. So, now I have a brand new, factory unlocked 3Gs for $570.

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